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Reconstruction Services in Essex, CT

Morrow Enterprises

(860) 791-4559

When disaster strikes your home or business, it is very possible that the damage will affect the structure of the property.  Fires, excessive water from flooding, and mold growth can all weaken the property’s structure and cause substantial damage.  Once remedial action has corrected the immediate damage and stops the damage from spreading further, the property may need further repair that remediation alone cannot fix.  If so, then professional reconstruction services can help restore the property structure to its previous condition.

Morrow Enterprises provides reconstruction services for homes and businesses in Essex, CT that have been damaged by major disaster.  When called for our reconstruction services following a disaster, we will stabilize the property to prevent further structural damage from occurring.  We will assess the overall damage and create a reconstruction plan that best works with your schedule and within your budgetary means.

roof repair and construction essex ct


Full Service Restoration and Reconstruction in Essex, CT

Our technicians and managers at Morrow Enterprises are thoroughly trained and highly experienced in providing structural repairs and remodeling.  All members of our service team go through a background check prior to their employment with us.  They further expand and update their knowledge of the service provided by attending additional classroom training.  Our managers and technicians are prepared to provide professional quality service when restoring your home or business from the aftermath of a disaster.

Our construction services include:

  • Acquiring required licenses and permits
  • Complete service general contracting
  • Complete remodeling
  • Roof repair and replacement
  • Custom paint and staining
  • Wallpaper removal and installation
  • Custom carpentry
  • New flooring and carpet installation
  • Smoke damage sealing
  • Plumbing and electrical appliance repair and installation

Reconstruction Services Essex CT

Contact Us for Reconstruction Services in Essex, CT

Experiencing a disaster and its effects on your home or business is very overwhelming.  Morrow Enterprises is here to help you throughout the process of restoring your property in Essex, CT from disaster with our reconstruction services.

We are available 24/7 to assist with any property reconstruction emergencies caused by water, mold, or fire damage

Call (860) 791-4559. We provide free estimate and work with insurance companies

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