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Water Damage Restoration in Commerce City, CO

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Excess water and moisture tend to be the most prevalent when thinking about types of issues that can lead to property damage. Properties can be affected by water damage from weather conditions like flooding and rain, but also plumbing and appliance leaks, sewage backups, overflows, and burst pipes. Any level of water damage should be immediately addressed as the water quickly spreads and gets absorbed into porous materials. Once the affected materials absorb more water, there is a higher risk for structural damage and mold growth.

Here at RestorationMaster, we provide water damage restoration services in Commerce City, CO to clean and restore affected properties. We will remove standing water and moisture using our advanced equipment and make sure any affected areas are thoroughly cleaned and restored.

water-damage-restoration-Commerce City, COWater Damage Issues

Situations that involve excess moisture or flooding can result in very serious damage, including mold growth and structural damage. Most objects and materials in a home or building are porous and will absorb any excess moisture and water. Once these materials absorb the water, they can experience warping, discoloration, and structural damage. Building materials and furnishings such as flooring, wood, carpeting, and drywall will quickly absorb moisture and put them at risk of serious damage. If the water damage is not addressed immediately, there is a high risk of mold growth within 48 hours.

Our professionals at RestorationMaster will work quickly to limit the damage as well as perform a full assessment of your property. We will also make sure all standing water is removed with the help of our water extraction equipment. We are able to extract moisture from the damaged materials by strategically placing dehumidification equipment.

The Following can be expected from our water damage restoration specialists:

  • Initial Assessment: We will assess the damage of the property and locate the source of water or moisture.
  • Advanced Equipment: Our dehumidification and water extraction equipment are the best in the industry and will remove any moisture from furnishings, building materials, and air spaces.
  • Thorough Drying: Our specialized drying equipment and dehumidifiers will extract moisture from furnishings, building materials, and air spaces.
  • Deodorization: Lingering and pesky odors from the water damage or mold growth will be removed with our deodorization process.

If your home or building in Commerce City, CO experiences any level of water damage, be sure to call our experts at RestorationMaster immediately. We will limit the damage by removing the water from the property and ensuring the damaged areas have been effectively restored.