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Storm Damage Restoration Service for Cleveland, OH

Severe storms are a threat to occur just about anywhere in the U.S. and the Cleveland, OH area experiences its fair share of storms throughout the year. This area is prone to heavy rain, thunderstorms, flooding, blizzards, and strong winds that can cause extensive property damage and if the damage to your home or building is not secured right away, it can threaten the structural integrity of your home. RestorationMaster provides storm damage restoration services to help homes and businesses in the Cleveland, OH area that have been damaged in a storm. We can effectively secure your home or building as well as minimize and repair the resulting damage.

Storm Damage Repair in Cleveland, OH

House damaged by disaster.

The Cleveland area experiences the full range of seasons which means that your property can be hit by snow, ice storms, thunderstorms, flooding, and tornadoes. Each of these storms can cause significant structural damage to your home and they usually also include wind which can cause additional damage by knocking over trees and power lines or tearing apart roofing, gutters, or siding. The technicians of RestorationMaster can stabilize and repair structural damage from any type of storm in the Cleveland area and we will also clear your property of any debris.

Wind Damage Repair

Strong winds are a major concern with any type of storm because they can very suddenly cause major damage to a home or building by damaging windows, roofing, and gutters or by blowing over large objects such as trees and power lines onto the building. Strong winds tend to be a part of most storms so if a storm is headed to the Cleveland area, it is wise for residents to take the right precautions to help protect against wind damage.

Wind Damage Restoration Cleveland, OH

Uprooted tree fell on a house after a serious storm came through

Our technicians are trained to respond to and repair wind damage with the following steps:

  • Removal of trees, branches, and other natural debris
  • Removal of building materials, glass, and other non-natural debris
  • Stabilization with tarping and board-ups
  • Repair of damaged structural elements

If a storm is expected in the Cleveland, OH area, make sure to prepare your home but if you still experience storm damage, make sure to call RestorationMaster for storm damage restoration services. We can effectively stabilize your home or building to help limit the extent of the damage as well as repair and restore damage caused by flooding, rain, wind, or snow. You can call us 24 hours a day at (888) 915-7197 for emergency storm damage restoration services.