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Mold Remediation in Bethlehem, PA


(215) 774-3120

When you discover mold on your property, chances are there’s even more hidden elsewhere. Mold spreads on surfaces like drywall, tile, carpeting and other flooring. Over time, it will eat away at these surfaces and cause structural damage to the property, and even cause health problems to occupants. It’s best to contact a home remediation service as soon as you find mold to get it taken care of.

Aftercare Restoration provides mold remediation in Bethlehem, PA. Our IICRC-certified mold specialists are equipped with advanced equipment to track down and contain mold growth in your home or business. We will then eradicate the mold and treat the affected areas so that it does not return.

Mold from Purses

Mold naturally occurs in environments where this is moisture. For this reason, it’s important to resolve cases of water damage or leaks as quickly as possible.

As mold forms on surfaces like drywall or flooring, it will literally eat away at the cellulose contained within these building materials. This will cause extensive structural damage to your property.

Even worse, without proper mold remediation, the growth will continue to spread and begin to cause negative health effects in occupants of the building. Symptoms of mold exposure include itchy eyes and scratchy throat, and numerous possible respiratory issues.

Our mold specialists will assess the presence of such toxic mold growth upon arriving. We will then use advanced cleaning products and treat the affected areas to remove the mold and ensure it does not return.

Our mold removal services in Bethlehem, PA include:

  • Locating all mold with infrared technology
  • A safe and thorough approach to treating the mold
  • Restoring and treating surfaces affected by mold
  • Anti-microbial application to prevent spread and regrowth

Contact Us for Mold Remediation in Bethlehem, PA

Don’t leave mold to spread and cause damage to your home and threaten the health of those occupying the building. Call Aftercare Restoration at (215) 774-3120 for professional mold remediation in Bethlehem, PA.

We are available 24/7 to provide emergency mold abatement services in the Bethlehem, PA area.

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