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Sewage Cleanup Services in Sparta, NJ


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Water damage, on its own, is considered an emergency, but the situation becomes even worse when the water involved has been contaminated by sewage. There are various ways sewage can enter a property — including toilet overflows, natural flooding, and sewage backups. The sewage will spread throughout your property quickly, causing severe property damage and potential health risks. Because of this, such damage needs to be addressed immediately. You need to seek professional help from a disaster restoration team that can handle water damage restoration and sewage cleanup.

With our sewage cleanup services, RestorationMaster can help homes and businesses in Sparta, NJ, that have been affected by sewage-contaminated water. Our professional technicians will use advanced water extraction equipment to remove the excess water and moisture. We will then use powerful disinfectants and cleaning products to thoroughly clean and disinfect the affected areas. With this work, your home or business will be restored to a clean, safe environment.

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Damage Caused by Sewage in Sparta, NJ

Sewage water is damaging because of the permanent effects it can cause on building materials and furnishings. It is also hazardous because of the health problems it can cause. Porous building materials and furnishings absorb the water and the waste materials from the sewage. This makes it so the affected materials can suffer permanent damage quickly. Additionally, sewage has a foul odor that can only be properly removed through professional deodorization techniques.

Health-wise, sewage water contains toxins and other biohazard waste materials that can result in infection or illness. As such, sewage water needs to be removed promptly by water restoration professionals.

When there’s sewage-contaminated water in your property, keep your distance from it and seek immediate help from our sewage cleanup professionals.

Professional Sewage Backup Cleanup Services in Sparta, NJ

At RestorationMaster, we employ IICRC-certified professional sewage backup cleaners. We are experts in water damage restoration and specialize in biohazard cleaning. Additionally, our professional technicians have the necessary training and equipment needed to handle any size sewage problem. We will extract the contaminated water, thoroughly dry affected materials, and remove permanently damaged content. Following that, we make sure the property is safe by cleaning and sanitizing the affected areas.

The following are included within the sewage cleanup services we offer in Sparta, NJ:

  • Emergency removal of water and sewage
  • Biohazard cleaning, including removal of damaged carpeting, debris, and other content
  • Contaminated drywall and building material removal
  • Cleaning and disinfection of damaged areas
  • Restoration and repair of affected areas
  • Odor removal

Sewage Cleanup Done Right in Sparta, NJ by RestorationMaster

Because sewage can cause extensive, potentially permanent damage, you need to seek immediate help from RestorationMaster if your home or business has been affected by the sewage. Our sewage cleaning professionals will rid of the sewage and water. We will also clean the areas it has affected to prevent health problems.

Call (973) 381-2313 to reach us for the sewage backup cleanup services we offer in Sparta, NJ.

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