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RestorationMaster Provided Water Damage Restoration for Rochester Residents Dealing with Flooding from Melted Snow

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This past winter, the Rochester, NY area was hit with a late season snow storm that caused issues for local homeowners when it started melting in the spring.  As the temperatures got warmer, the snowmelt oversaturated the ground and the runoff it created needed somewhere to go.  For some homeowners, this runoff resulted in a flooded basement.  RestorationMaster has been providing disaster restoration services including water damage restoration in the Rochester, NY area since 2007, and they helped many homeowners last spring who had flooding issues from the melted snow.  This local news story includes commentary from the owners of RestorationMaster regarding flooding issues from snowmelt and how you can prevent flooding in your basement.

Check out the local news story here:

Water Damage Restoration Services in Rochester, NYRising spring temperatures can quickly cause issues if it is melting a lot of snow in a short period of time.  The runoff from the melted snow has to drain somewhere, and it typically ends up pooling in yards and flooding homes.  RestorationMaster was ready to respond when the melted snow was causing basement flooding throughout the Rochester, NY area.

According to owner Tony Rabis, any in-home flooding from snowmelt runoff should be addressed immediately.  “The clock starts ticking right away, even if it’s clean water which we consider category one,” says Rabis.  “In about a 24-hour period, it becomes gray water and then shortly after that it becomes black water, which is equivalent to sewage.”

Pete Alessi, Rabis’s business partner, warns that you can’t just simply remove the water, “If not treated you can see signs of mold growth within 48 hours.”

Protecting Your Home from Melting Snow

Renewit Cleaning & Restoration - Protecting your home from melting snowIf you live in an area affected by snowmelt in the spring, there are some things you can do to protect your home from flooding.  “Outdoor grading around your house, make sure you got a substantial slope going from the house away, also make sure your down spouts are at least 5 feet away from your house,” says Alessi.  “The best thing you can really do is prepare yourself when you buy your policy, get a sump pump rider on the damage.”  This is important because most insurance policies do not cover damage caused by a failed sump pump.

For more tips to protect your home from melting snow in the spring, check out our blog Prevent In-Home Flooding from the Spring Thaw.

Water and flood damage in your home can have dangerous consequences if it is not addressed right away.  Make sure you contact a water damage restoration professional like RestorationMaster if you are dealing with flooding or water damage on your property.