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Storm Damage Restoration for Rancho Rio, NM

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Those who have homes or businesses in Rancho Rio, NM are aware of the types of storms that can affect the area and cause property damage.  Our area may experience hail, wind storms, and severe thunderstorms at any time of year in addition to monsoons that can cause flash flooding during the summer months.  Regardless of the type of storm, it is important to check your property for damage in the aftermath and take immediate action if you do find any damage.  Water damage and structural issues will only get worse and lead to more extensive damage if they are not addressed right away.

RestorationMaster provides storm damage restoration services in Rio Rancho, NM to repair and restore homes and commercial buildings damaged by a storm.  We will quickly stabilize the building and form a complete restoration plan that addresses structural damage as well as damage caused by excess water and flooding.

Storm Damage in Rio Rancho

There are several damaging types of storms that can affect the Rio Rancho area at any time.  All homes and buildings are at risk for damage during any severe storm.  The following are the most common storms that can affect your property:

  • Severe Thunderstorms: Thunderstorms may not seem like a major threat, but they can cause water damage and exterior damage with strong winds and rain. If the rain is heavy enough, these storms can even result in flooding.
  • Hail Storms: Hail storms are quite common in the Rio Rancho area and they can cause serious physical damage to the exterior of your home or building, including roof damage and broken windows.
  • Monsoons: Monsoons are likely to occur between May and October and they bring strong winds and heavy rain. The winds are strong enough to cause serious property damage and blow over large objects like trees and utility poles.  The rain from a monsoon can cause flash flooding to occur very quickly.
  • Wind Storms: East wind storms can bring winds of over 20 mph that are powerful enough to damage homes and buildings.

Once one of these storms passes, you must do a thorough inspection of your property to look for any resulting damage.  Any storm damage, including water damage or damage to the exterior or structural core of your building, must be addressed right away by our professionals.  Our technicians will limit the damage by stabilizing your home or building and we will implement a complete restoration plan based on the extent of the damage.

Our storm damage restoration services typically include the following:

  • Board-Up and Tarping: Wind, hail, and debris can cause significant damage to the windows, siding and roof of your home or building. Our technicians start by stabilizing the structural core of the building and covering damaged areas with boards and tarp to prevent further damage or collapse.
  • Flood and Water Damage Restoration: Any storm that consists of rain can result in water damage or flooding in your home or building. Water damage is dangerous because the water spreads through porous building materials like wood and drywall, causing damage to these materials that can threaten their structural integrity.  The presence of excess water also increases the risk for mold growth.  Our technicians use advanced extraction and drying equipment to remove standing water as well as excess moisture from the damaged materials.
  • Structural Repairs: Damage to the structural core or exterior of your building will get worse and put the building at risk of collapse. We will repair the damage to the exterior and structural core to ensure that the building is stable.
  • Debris Clearing: Our technicians will clear any debris from your property including tree branches, building materials, and broken glass.

You should never underestimate the ability of a storm to cause damage to your home or building.  Make sure your property is prepared for the possibility of a storm and always check for damage once the storm passes.  If your home or building is damaged by a storm, contact RestorationMaster right away for professional storm damage restoration.  We are standing by 24 hours a day at (505) 814-1411 to respond to storm damage emergencies in Rio Rancho, NM.