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Emergency Board Up Services for Rio Rancho, NM

(505) 814-1411

There is a reason many homeowners and business owners are fearful of any natural disaster that can cause damage on their property.  Sometimes, the damage from disasters like fires, storms, flooding, and accidents can be quite extensive and it is impossible to know how much damage your property will sustain until after the disaster is over.  If you find major damage to the exterior or structural core of your building in the aftermath, then you must call for professional help immediately.  RestorationMaster provides emergency board up services in Rio Rancho, NM to secure homes and businesses that have been severely damaged in a disaster.  Our technicians will board up openings to keep your property protected and stabilize severe structural damage to keep the building standing.

It is always difficult to experience major property damage and seeing the severe damage to your home or business can leave you feeling helpless and overwhelmed.  However, it is crucial that you take action immediately because homes and buildings with severe structural and interior damage are vulnerable.  Large holes or openings can allow rain, animals, and vandals inside which can quickly add to the damage.  If the structural core of the building is severely damaged, there is a high risk that the structure will collapse without immediate support.  You must call RestorationMaster right away if your home or building has sustained this type of damage.

Our technicians are trained and equipped to provide effective board up and stabilization services for all types of structures including homes, apartment buildings, and commercial buildings.  We will board up or tarp holes in the roof or siding and stabilize structural damage to keep the building standing and secured until it can be rebuilt with construction services.

The emergency board up services we provide consist of these steps:

  • Board up of holes in the siding
  • Roof tarping
  • Building stabilization
  • Temporary enclosures and barricades

Experiencing severe structural damage to your home or business is an emergency situation which is why you must call us right away for board up and stabilization services.  Our technicians can quickly cover and secure the home or building to keep it protected and stabilize severe structural damage.  We are available 24 hours a day at (505) 814-1411 to respond to emergencies in Rio Rancho, NM.