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Fire Damage Restoration Services for Rio Rancho, NM

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Fires can cause a devastating amount of damage in a home or building in such a short period of time and after the fire is put out, the damage can become permanent just as quickly.  The soot from the smoke and corrosive byproducts from burnt synthetic materials will spread further throughout the home or building after the fire is out, and the tarnishing and etching it causes will become permanent if it is not cleaned up.  ServiceMaster of Albuquerque and West Mesa provides fire damage restoration services to repair and restore homes and businesses in Rio Rancho, NM that have sustained damage from a fire.  Our technicians will contain the damage and restore your home or building to its pre-fire condition.

Fire and Smoke Restoration in Rio Rancho, NMThe chemical emissions from synthetic materials and soot are so dangerous in the aftermath of a fire because they often spread to areas that the fire did not reach and cause significant additional damage.  Much of this damage can become permanent within just a few days which is why you should not hesitate to contact ServiceMaster of Albuquerque and West Mesa.  Our technicians have the training and experience to deal with the most extreme fire damage and we use the most advanced cleaning products and equipment of the industry to remove soot damage and etching from various household surfaces.

Our 5 step fire damage restoration process includes the following:

  • Emergency pre-cleaning
  • Content cleaning
  • Content pack-out
  • Wall and ceiling cleaning
  • Deodorization

Commercial Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

The possibility of a fire is just as much of a threat in a commercial setting as in a home but a fire in these settings can cause even more widespread damage and put more people at risk.  If your business is damaged by a fire, it is important to begin the restoration immediately to save your company money on the restoration and minimize any time spent out of commission.  The technicians of ServiceMaster of Albuquerque and West Mesa are dedicated to providing commercial fire damage restoration services to help companies in Rio Rancho, NM get back up and running after a fire.

Fire Damage Restoration by ServiceMaster in Rio Rancho, NMWhat to Do After a Fire

  • Call ServiceMaster of Albuquerque and West Mesa as soon as possible to limit the damage and begin the restoration.
  • Air out your home to reduce the odor if the temperature is above 60 degrees.
  • Immediately wipe off Formica, porcelain, aluminum, and chrome surfaces to prevent permanent damage from soot or corrosive byproducts.
  • Change the air filter in furnaces that use forced hot air.
  • Tape a damp cheesecloth over each return and supply register to filter soot from the air.
  • Throw away all open food containers.
  • Clean out the inside of your refrigerator thoroughly if the power is out.
  • Save any smoke damaged clothing or fabrics for restoration dry cleaning services.

What NOT to Do After a Fire

  • Do not touch wood, drywall, or upholstery surfaces that have soot damage because the oils in your hand can penetrate these surfaces to make the damage worse.
  • Do not try to clean soot from the walls because you can compound the damage without the proper cleaning products.
  • Do not clean your carpeting or upholstery.
  • Do not use electrical appliances until they have undergone a safety inspection.
  • Do not use ceiling fixtures hanging from a wet ceiling.

In the aftermath of a fire, it is important to begin the restoration process as soon as possible to prevent widespread and permanent damage in your home or building.  Make sure you contact ServiceMaster of Albuquerque and West Mesa if your home or building in Rio Rancho, NM has been affected by a fire.  We can take your call 24 hours a day at (505) 814-1411 to respond to fire damage emergencies.

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“This is a great company! We had a bad water break in our house while we were out for hours. Called our insurance co Farmers. They sent Service Masters out to clean the water and the mess up. Justin Mason and Shawn Beck showed up, Totally great people and hard workers. Smart and professional people and company! Every move they made was for us and they asked if this is good enough or what else can we do for you. Fantastic!!!!”

for Disaster Restoration
Rating 5 5 Star Moving Rating

“The professionals at Service Master of ABQ west Mesa are probably one of the few companies around today that are "True Professionals".Stellar communication, honest staff and employees, and always on time delivery.Not only was Jesse, the manager, always courteous and well spoken, he made every attempt to satisfy our needs on a mold remediation of a commercial job I am doing.I can recommend this Service Master to do more than you would ever expect.”