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Fire Tornadoes

Fire Tornadoes – What Are They?

We have all heard of wildfires and tornadoes, but what happens when they join together? Fire tornadoes. Intense wild fire can create tornado like vortices that are often call fire tornadoes. They occur when...

ServiceMaster of Salt Lake Fire Damage

ServiceMaster of Salt Lake, Utah

ServiceMaster of Salt Lake, Utah has been an expert restoration comapny for over 30 years. Their expert services include fire and smoke damage restoration, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, water damage restoration and mold remediation....

GeoMAC Wildfire Map

Reno, Nevada, GeoMAC Fire Maps

Current Wild Fire Maps – GeoMAC Wildland Fire Support Sever temperatures in Nevada can bring on wildfires around the state. High temperatures highten the risk of wildfires and knowing how to locate them will...