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Hoarding Cleaning Services Peoria and Glendale, AZ

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Hoarding is a pandemic that affects millions every year. Classified as a mental disorder, hoarding often involves high anxiety and this anxiety can cause a person to become very attached to their possessions. This can result in large-scale accumulation of items within the home, from newspapers to books, knickknacks, and even animals. The growing hoard creates a hazardous environment, resulting in possible injuries or fire hazards. Furthermore, the stockpile of objects can begin to foster bacteria, mold or biohazard materials, leaving the individual at a huge risk of sickness or health problems. Because hoarding is such a delicate situation, it requires a very discrete and professional cleanup to help the individual. The possessions must be dealt with properly and respectfully since they may have a very powerful bond to their items.

Hoarding-Cleaning-Services-Peoria-and-Glendale-AZ-300x163RestorationMaster provides exceptional hoarding cleaning services in Peoria and Glendale, AZ to help individuals dealing with hoarding reclaim their lives and homes. We are experienced in all stages of hoarding cleanup and offer a variety of services to help restore the home back to quality conditions. We can provide an immaculate clean, disposing of unwanted materials and disinfecting areas that may be contaminated. Additionally, we provide cleanup for biohazard materials, such as bodily fluids, chemicals and decomposed tissues with the utmost care. We guarantee respect and discretion when handling a hoarding situation, and restore safe and sanitary conditions to the home.

Our staff is fully prepared for any severity of hoarding with top of the line cleaning equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE). We follow all the rules and regulations within the EPA, OSHA, and the Department of Transportation. You can expect the following procedures with our hoarding cleaning services:

  • Decontamination: We remove bacteria, chemicals and biohazard materials and provide complete sanitization of the home.
  • Odor Removal: We deliver established methods of deodorization and eliminate odors.
  • Proper Disposal: We eliminate your unwanted items through regular disposal, donation, or biohazard disposal.

Getting help for a hoarder can be a delicate subject and a difficult topic to discuss. It’s vital that when an individual is dealing with hoarding, you provide them with comfort and understanding. We support individuals who are going through this, and focus on establishing a connection with them before we begin any cleaning. If you or someone you know is struggling with hoarding issues in Peoria and Glendale, AZ, call RestorationMaster.  You can reach us anytime at (480) 717-3030 for more information about our hoarding cleaning services.