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Commercial Large Loss for Peoria, AZ – RestorationMaster

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Natural disasters, such as fires and floods, can result in severe damage to office buildings, warehouses, retail stores, and other commercial properties. The vast amount of damage done by the disaster can be costly. Not only do companies need to spend money on restoration, but they lose property and have to spend time out of business so that the restoration can be completed.

If you have a business that has suffered extensive damage as a result of a disaster, know that our restoration professionals will work quickly to make sure your business gets back on track.

Serving Peoria, AZ, RestorationMaster provides offices and commercial buildings with commercial large loss restoration services to restore properties following a disaster. With state-of-the-art methods and equipment, we are able to conduct large scale damage restoration in all commercial settings.

Commercial Flood Damage Restoration

Indoor flooding is concerning no matter what, but it can be even more troublesome if an office or warehouse with products and expensive equipment nearby have been affected.

When porous building materials like drywall and wood absorb water, the building’s structural integrity is jeopardized. Additionally, machinery and electronics can experience significant damage from excess water.

If floodwater isn’t removed promptly, then the resulting damage worsens. The floodwater will spread and damage more areas, equipment, and products.

The technicians we employ at RestorationMaster have the necessary training and equipment to extract standing water from all commercial settings. We use our advanced water extraction equipment to do this.

Our technicians will also work on affected building materials, completely drying them to prevent structural damage. Any damaged electronics will also be restored.

Within our commercial flood damage restoration services, the following steps are included:

  • Emergency Response and Inspection: We will be immediate in responding to your call for help. First, our technicians will contain the damage to limit your losses. Then, we follow up by doing an inspection of the damage and use the information we gather to create a restoration plan.
  • Water Extraction and Drying: To remove floodwater from your property, we will use the proper water extraction equipment. To remove moisture from wet structural elements, we will use advanced drying equipment.
  • Electronics Restoration: Our technicians will restore computers, televisions, and other electronics that have suffered water damage. We are also able to help with file recovery.
  • Structural Repairs: Any structural damage, whether it concerns the flooring or walls of your property, can be repaired.

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

Fires spread fast, so if a fire happens in a commercial property, the building and its contents become seriously damaged.

When a fire breaks out, evacuate the property and see that everyone is safe before you start to worry about the damage that has occurred.

When the fire has been put out, the restoration needs to begin immediately. With more time, the structural damage will worsen, and the damage caused by soot and other corrosive byproducts risk becoming permanent.

With our effective fire damage restoration services, RestorationMaster can handle large-scale damage done to commercial properties. The technicians we employ will treat surfaces, materials, and objects that have suffered damage from corrosive byproducts, such as soot, and we will rebuild damaged structural elements.

With our commercial fire damage restoration services, the following steps are included:

  • Emergency Response and Inspection: Following the fire department’s departure, we will come to your property to begin the restoration process and limit the damage.
  • Pre-Treatment of Soot and Corrosive Byproducts: Using the proper chemical cleaners, we remove the discoloration, etching, and other damage done by soot and corrosive byproducts.
  • Electronics Restoration: Smoke and soot can damage your electronics, but our technicians can restore them.
  • Structural Repairs: Any structural damage that the fire caused will be repaired to ensure your property is restored to its previous condition.

Businesses suffer severe setbacks after sustaining damage from a natural disaster, and even more time and money is lost the longer you put the restoration on hold.

Call RestorationMaster right away for our commercial disaster restoration services in Peoria, AZ, if your business has suffered damage by a fire, flood, or other serious disaster.

We are committed to helping local businesses recover from a damaging disaster.

We are available at (888) 915-7197 on a 24/7 basis for the emergency services we provide.