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Dehumidification Services in Hattiesburg, MS 39402


As soon as you notice significant water damage within your home, don’t hesitate to call for emergency water removal services. But damage can still occur as long as moisture remains in the air. If left untreated, it will settle into the affected building materials and even develop mold growth.

This is why dehumidification services provided by RestorationMaster in Hattiesburg, MS are essential to dry out and prevent additional damage to the affected building materials. Our technicians are trained to use advanced equipment and products to remove all remaining moisture from the air as well as flooring, ceiling, carpeting, drywall, and other surfaces.

Dehumidification After Water Removal

When water damage occurs, it can quickly spread throughout porous materials, including carpeting, concrete, drywall, and even subflooring. It can even damage the HVAC system, going unnoticed until mold growth develops. In any case that you experience severe allergy or breathing problems, you may have a mold problem that was caused from excess moisture.

While room dehumidifiers are great for small amounts of moisture, commercial-grade equipment is needed to remove it from water-damaged surfaces, into the air, and evaporated. Within RestorationMaster’s dehumidification services, we will provide and reposition the drying equipment as well as monitor the drying process until the affected materials are fully restored.

You can expect all of the following procedures within our dehumidification services

  • Immediate response
  • Inspection and identification of damaged areas
  • Setting up and re-positioning drying equipment
  • Monitoring relative humidity, temperature, and vapor pressure
  • Working with insurance

All of the following areas are commonly known for containing high moisture levels:

  • Crawlspaces
  • Storage areas
  • Basements
  • Bathrooms
  • Attics
  • Under floors
  • Behind walls

Dehumidification and Water Damage Restoration

Our technicians can also provide water extraction, reconstruction, and content restoration for your property structure and personal items. This way you can save time, money, and the effort of working with multiple companies to handle different parts of the restoration process. We will also work with your insurance company during the claims process to allow you to focus on other matters.

At any time you notice significant water damage, feel high amounts of humidity or moisture, or high amounts of condensation, don’t hesitate to call RestorationMaster. As we consider all water-related services to be emergencies, we will arrive within 2 hours of your initial with the necessary equipment for efficiently and effectively restoring your building materials to their original conditions.

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RestorationMaster is available 24/7 in the Hattiesburg, MS area at (601)651-4022 to provide professional dehumidification services.

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