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Disaster Restoration and Cleaning Services in Gulfport, MS

CORE Roofing and Restoration

(228) 400-8644

At CORE Roofing and Restoration, we provide complete disaster restoration and cleaning services to help affected homes and businesses recover from natural disasters in Gulfport, MS and the surrounding areas in Harrison County.  Our IICRC certified technicians are ready to respond within 45 minutes of your call so we can limit the damage and help get your property on the road to recovery.

Our owner Scott Pulliam first developed an interest in rebuilding and restoring damaged homes and buildings while working for a disaster restoration provider early in his career.  After leaving that company, he spent time as a medical device sales representative and then worked at Capital One as the Vice President of Business Development.  However, he continued to be involved in property restoration and owned a construction company on the side during this time.  He then decided it was time to commit to his true passion and joined 911 Restoration as a franchise owner.  Scott and his team are ready to service homeowners and business owners on the Mississippi Gulf Coast with full-service disaster restoration.

The main principle we follow at CORE Roofing and Restoration is the Fresh Start philosophy.  When something disruptive happens in your life, you can let it drag you down or seize the opportunity to rebuild and create something better than before.  When you call us for disaster restoration, we will work diligently to restore your property and give you a Fresh Start.

We provide a range of disaster restoration and cleaning services that include the following:

  • Water damage restoration
  • Fire damage restoration
  • Mold remediation
  • Biohazard cleaning
  • Roofing

If a natural disaster has caused damage to your home or business, do not hesitate to call CORE Roofing and Restoration.  We will quickly send our certified technicians to start the restoration and answer any of your questions about the restoration process and your insurance claim.  You can expect our professionals to help you get a Fresh Start.

You can call CORE Roofing and Restoration 24 hours a day at (228) 400-8644 for emergency disaster restoration and cleaning services in Gulfport, MS, and the surrounding areas of Harrison County.

Water Damage Restoration Services in Gulfport, MSWater Damage Restoration – Gulfport, MS

All homes and buildings experience water damage at some point, whether from a leak, burst pipe, or problem with the plumbing or appliances, or from storms and heavy rain.  You should never hesitate to react to water damage because water spreads through porous building materials and furnishings.  These materials may become rotted or deteriorated as they take on water and more vulnerable to mold growth.  At CORE Roofing and Restoration, we provide complete water damage restoration services to help homes and businesses in Gulfport, MS and the surrounding areas of Harrison County.  Our technicians can extract the excess water and dry the affected areas, as well as restore the damage caused by the water.

fire-damage-restoration-Gulfport, MSFire Damage Restoration – Gulfport, MS

Fires can happen at any time and quickly cause devastating damage that can disrupt your life or your business.  The fire itself not only causes damage by burning through structural materials, but the smoke and soot left behind will also spread and cause damage beyond the areas affected by the fire.  Starting the restoration immediately after the fire is out will help limit the secondary damage and get your property on track to recovery.  CORE Roofing and Restoration provides fire and smoke damage restoration services in Gulfport, MS and the surrounding areas of Harrison County.  Our technicians can handle every aspect of the restoration from rebuilding structural damage to removing soot damage and smoke odors.

Mold Remediation in Gulfport, MSMold Remediation – Gulfport, MS

Mold is an unwelcome guest that is difficult to keep out of your home or building, especially in the humid environment of the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  Mold growth typically appears in areas that are affected by water or excess moisture, and it can cause significant property damage.  Those within your property are also at risk of allergic reactions caused by exposure to mold.  CORE Roofing and Restoration provides mold remediation services to remove mold growth from residential and commercial buildings in Gulfport, MS and the surrounding areas of Harrison County.  Our technicians will contain and remove all mold growth and restore safe conditions by removing mold spores with professional grade filters.

Biohazard Cleaning in Gulfport, MSBiohazard Cleaning – Gulfport, MS

The presence of biohazard materials in your home or building creates a dangerous situation.  You may encounter biohazard materials such as sewage, chemicals, and animal droppings, and if there has been a serious injury or death on your property, there may be blood and other biohazard materials present.  It is important to recognize and avoid biohazard materials because exposure to these materials could cause illness or infection.  If an injury or death has occurred, you must call emergency responders right away.  You will then need the help of a licensed professional to restore your property.  At CORE Roofing and Restoration, we provide biohazard cleaning services to remove dangerous biohazard materials and safely clean up trauma and crime scenes in Gulfport, MS, and the surrounding areas of Harrison County.  Our technicians use advanced methods and powerful cleaners to restore safe conditions and we can also cooperate with law enforcement.

Roofing Services in Gulfport, MSRoofing Services – Gulfport, MS

The roofing of homes and commercial buildings is important because it protects against rain, wind, debris, and other elements.  However, things like wear and tear, wind, hail, and severe storms can cause damage to the roof and leave your property vulnerable to water damage and other issues.  If your roof is damaged, it must be repaired right away to prevent more severe damage to the property.  CORE Roofing and Restoration provides roofing services in Gulfport, MS and the surrounding areas of Harrison County to repair damaged roofing.  Our technicians can rebuild and repair structural damage to the roof as well as address issues such as water damage.

Recent Reviews

Review by Nick Balikes
Disaster Restoration
Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

"Minor flooding but caught in time and they were here within 15 min. Fast ,through service fair , friendly. Absolutely would recommend this company if needed. Scott was very understanding and knowledgeable."

Review by Angela Ostrowski
Disaster Restoration
Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

"911 Restoration was at my home in less than an hour after calling them this past Sunday. The crew was lead by “Marty” and he was wonderful! He is a very hard worker! He is also professional, courteous, and willing to go out of his way to help a customer! I found this company and decided to use them based on their ratings. So far, I have been very pleased! Scott and Craig have been wonderful about answering my questions and keeping me informed about the process from the beginning! I feel like they have my best interests in mind during this stressful process. I am very pleased that I chose them for this unfortunate incident!"

Review by Tommy Curbeira
Disaster Restoration
Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

"Once they were able to start, the job was done fast and the clean up was very professional. The owner impressed me with his honesty a quality you don’t see or experience these days. I would use there service again if I needed it."