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Odor Removal Services for Glendale, AZ

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Following a disaster, you can be left with an unpleasant odor on your property. Such odors can be left behind by mold, fire, smoke, and more. Without professional help, it can be difficult to eliminate the smells. At RestorationMaster, we provide residential and commercial properties in Glendale, AZ with odor removal services that will thoroughly eliminate residual odors. With specialized deodorization techniques like absorption technology, hydroxyl technology, Nano technology, and ozone technology, we are able to remove strong smells from your home or business.

We can use our odor removal services to rid of unpleasant aromas from the following sources:

  • Dead animals
  • Fire and smoke
  • Undetected death scenes
  • Pets

Deodorization Process

In our deodorization process, we take several steps to eliminate the smell and ensure it doesn’t come back including:

  • Eliminating the odor’s source
  • Treating the air space and any affected materials
  • Washing the air
  • Sealing porous surfaces

Our technicians are qualified to treat all kinds of foul odors, which are typically sourced by the following:

  • Fire and Smoke: Lingering odors from fire and smoke require specialized cleaning products, and we have the products needed to remove those smells.
  • Flooding and Mold: We can remove the musty odor flooding and mold growth are known to leave behind using our advanced equipment.
  • Biological Based Odors: When dead animals are found on your property or your pets leave behind messes, they can result in unpleasant smells. We can rid of such odors from your property.

Harsh, unpleasant smells can be difficult to not only live with but also to remove from your residential or commercial property. Our professional technicians can handle such odors and eliminate them using our specialized equipment. Call RestorationMaster 24/7 at (888) 915-7197 for our odor removal services in Glendale, AZ.