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Wood Furniture Refinishing and Repair Services for League City, TX

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RestorationMaster is known worldwide for its quality wood furniture refinishing and repair services and the skilled technicians of RestorationMaster uphold this reputation with our quality services.  Most people choose wood furniture for their homes because it adds an element of natural beauty and it is quite durable but consistent use can result in damage to the furniture or wearing out of the finish.  RestorationMaster provides wood furniture refinishing and repair services to repair and restore damaged wood furniture for homeowners in League City, TX.  Our craftsmen have the training and the skills to repair and refinish any type of wooden furniture.

Wood Furniture Repair in League City, TXWooden Furniture Repair Services

Wooden furniture tends to be quite expensive which makes it an investment for most people.  Our wood furniture repair and refinishing services help you protect this investment by restoring damaged wood furniture for much less than the cost of replacement.  Our refinishing services can add years to the life of your furniture and we can effectively repair minor surface damage as well as more severe damage and worn out upholstery.  Our complete wood furniture repair and refinishing services include the following:

  • Precision Repair: We can repair any type of surface damage to the wood including dents, scratches, gouges, watermarks, burns, and stains.
  • Re-Gluing/ Minor Adjustments: We will repair structural damage and broken pieces with glue as well as readjust parts that are not functional such as cabinet doors and drawers.
  • Finishing: Our professional deluxing process can remove surface scratches from the finish and restore its original look.
  • Restoration/ Refinishing: We can change the look of your furniture with a new finish or restore the original finish with a water-based factory finish. We can also do color matching or color changing with these services.
  • Furniture Painting: We can repaint wooden furniture with worn out paint to restore the original color or give it a new color.
  • Custom Furniture Color: Our new finishes allow us to give your furniture a custom color or revitalize the original color.

Wood Furniture Refinishing in League City, TX Wood Furniture Refinishing and Repair Process

The exact refinishing and repair process for wooden furniture will vary by piece and depend on the type of damage because wooden furniture is unique and no two pieces ever experience the exact same damage.  There are some basic steps that we follow for all wood furniture restoration projects:

  • We inspect and evaluate each piece of furniture to decide on the best method for repair or restoration.
  • We wait for water damaged furniture to dry before beginning which could take nearly two weeks.
  • We will decide if the project can be done more effectively on-site or at our shop.
  • We will ask you to sign an authorization form before starting the process.
  • After completing the job, we will ask you to sign a satisfaction form to ensure that you are happy with the results.

Chances are you have spent a decent amount of money to have nice looking wood furniture in your home and the wood furniture repair and refinishing services from RestorationMaster can help protect this investment.  Our restoration services are effective for all types of wooden furniture and will help prolong its life for much less than the cost of replacement.  Give us a call at (281) 547-0785 for our wood furniture repair and refinishing services in League City, TX.