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Kitchen Cabinet Refacing and Restoration Services for League City, TX

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The kitchen cabinets are a central feature in the space because they have a major impact on the look of the kitchen and they are also used on a daily basis for storage.  With the consistent use of the cabinets by every member of the household, the doors and drawer fronts can become damaged and worn out which can diminish the appearance of your kitchen.  RestorationMaster provides kitchen cabinet refacing and restoration services to replace or repair damaged cabinet doors and drawer fronts in League City, TX.  We can restore or replace damaged drawers and cabinet doors without dismantling the cabinet boxes for a more cost efficient and less invasive alternative to having the cabinets completely replaced.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing League City TXKitchen Cabinet Refacing

A set of kitchen cabinets consists of boxes that act as a frame and cabinet doors and drawer fronts that are installed on the front of the boxes.  In order to completely replace the kitchen cabinets, the boxes as well as the doors and drawer fronts must be removed which can be an expensive and highly intrusive project.

Our kitchen cabinet refacing services offer an alternative to complete replacement as we can replace or repair cabinet doors and drawer fronts without replacing the boxes.  With these services, our craftsmen can replace cabinets that have become severely damaged or worn and this is also an effective way to change the look of your kitchen by installing new cabinet doors and drawer fronts in a different color, style, or finish.  The new custom doors and drawer fronts we have available are made from wood or Rigid Thermofoil (RTF) and come in a range of different styles and finishes.  Kitchen refacing can normally be done in 3-6 days and we will also refurbish the cabinet boxes as part of this service.

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing for League CIty TXKitchen Cabinet Refinishing and Repair

Kitchen cabinets that have sustained minor damage or have slightly worn finishes can be repaired or refinished by our skilled technicians.  It is common for cabinet doors and drawer fronts to become scratched, nicked, or dented with use and we can repair all kinds of minor surface damage and replace hardware parts that have been broken.  For our refinishing services, we provide the option of restoring the original color of the finish or applying a new type of finish for a different look.

The kitchen cabinets are a major part of the space and having them fully removed for replacement is a long, costly, and intrusive process.  The kitchen cabinet refacing and refinishing services provided by RestorationMaster are a much more cost effective and less invasive option for improving the look of your kitchen cabinets.  You can reach us at (281) 547-0785 for kitchen cabinet refacing and refinishing services in League City, TX.