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Antique Furniture Repair and Restoration for League City, TX

(281) 547-0785
Antique furniture is among the most valuable furniture both in terms of monetary worth as many pieces can be quite valuable, and in terms of sentimental value as some antique furniture is passed down between generations within families.  Like other types of furniture, antique furniture is susceptible to the same minor to severe damages and general wear and tear and if antique furniture is not repaired or restored properly, it may lose its value or even its antique status.  RestorationMaster provides antique furniture repair and restoration services to effectively restore damaged or worn out antiques in League City, TX.  Our technicians can restore your antique furniture to its original character to keep its status as an antique with our effective and minimally invasive methods.

Antique-Furniture-Restoration-League-City-TXWhy RestorationMaster for your Antiques

The National Free Trade Act of 1993 contains the criteria that a piece of furniture must meet to be considered an antique.  The object must be 100 years old or older and it cannot undergo a change in its original character of more than 50 percent or it will no longer be considered an antique.  The technicians of RestorationMaster have a complete understanding of the criteria for antique furniture and we make sure to repair and refinish your antique furniture with our minimally invasive yet effective methods that it will maintain its status as an antique.

Antique Furniture Restoration Process

Our technicians are highly trained and experienced to handle repairs and refinishing services for all types of antique furniture.  The restoration and repair methods that we use are specifically designed to avoid changing the character of the piece so that it will remain an antique and our services can also help add or maintain the value of the piece.  The antique furniture repair and restoration services we provide consist of these steps:

  • Precision Repair: We can remove scratches, stains, dents, nicks, and gouges among other minor surface damage.
  • Re-Gluing/ Minor Adjustments: We will make adjustments to fix non-functioning parts and use glue to fix structural damage and other broken parts.
  • Restoration/ Refinishing: We provide refinishing services to revitalize worn our finishes.

We are dedicated to not only repairing and restoring your antique furniture, but also to doing it with minimally invasive techniques that will allow the piece to maintain its status as an antique according to the standards of the National Free Trade Act of 1993.  If you have antique furniture in League City, TX that could benefit from repairs or refinishing services, you can trust RestorationMaster to get the job done.  You can call us at (281) 547-0785 for more information about our antique furniture repair and restoration services.