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Wooden Table and Chair Restoration and Repair in Crystal Lake, IL


(630) 412-1400

Kitchen and dining room table sets may be the most used pieces of furniture in a home as families use their tables to share meals and entertain guests.  Because these table and chair sets are often central to a household, they are used on a daily base and thus subjected to wear and tear that can result in minor surface damage and wearing of the finish.  If the kitchen or dining room table becomes worn out or damaged, it will not only look worse, but also not match as well with the rest of the kitchen décor or dining room set.  Structural damage to the table and chairs can also occur with repeated use and require professional repair.

RestorationMaster can repair and restore damaged and worn out wooden tables and chairs for homeowners in Crystal Lake, IL.  We can help save you the cost of a new kitchen or dining room set by restoring the original appearance of your wooden tables and chairs and repairing surface and structural damage.  If the color or finish of your table and chairs has become worn out, we can restore the original appearance by matching the color or wood stain or give your table set a new appearance to match updated décor with a new paint color or wood stain.


Wooden Table and Tabletop Repair and Restoration

Kitchen and dining room tables are often at the center of family gatherings within the home and a place to entertain guests.  This consistent use can lead to wearing of the finish as well as surface damage and even more serious structural damage.  We understand that you may be hesitant to replace your table because it has become a cherished part of your household and it is expensive.  Our professionals at RestorationMaster can repair surface and structural damage to your kitchen or dining room table including dents, scratches, watermarks, and other surface imperfections as well as damage to the legs or tabletop.

If the finish or paint on your table has become worn out, we can restore it with a new finish, stain, or paint job.  We provide color matching services in which we will apply the wood stain or paint that restores the original appearance of your table, and we can also apply a new stain or paint color if you want to change its look.  The current wood stain, paint, and finish will be removed entirely from your tabletop and our professionals will apply the paint or wood stain and finish of your choice.  There are many wood stains and paint colors to choose from for your kitchen or dining room table.

We can restore and refinish your wood table with the following steps:

  • We will thoroughly clean the table to remove dirt and debris.
  • The paint, wood stain, and finish are completely stripped from the table.
  • We sand the tabletop to ensure there is no paint or finish left.
  • We will repair any surface damage including dents, gouges, scratches, watermarks, stains, and other types of damage.
  • We will apply the paint color or wood stain of your choice.
  • The water-based factory stain is applied by hand while the paint is sprayed on in our spray booths.
  • We also apply the new finish in the spray booth.

Wooden Chair Restoration and Repair

It is common for wooden chairs to be found in homes including the chairs at a kitchen or dining room table and other chairs like rockers.  Wooden chairs can become worn out or damaged with repeated use as surface damage as well as damage to the spindles or legs is common.  The direct contact on the chairs can also speed up the wearing of the finish or paint which will take away from the appearance of the chairs.  If a couple of the chairs in your dining room set have become damaged or worn out, it is impractical to replace the entire set.  We can repair and restore chairs that are part of a dining room table set and we can also repair wooden rocking chairs and other types of chairs.

Our wooden chair repair and restoration services consist of the following:

  • Precision surface repair: Surface damage including scratches, dents, gouges, stains, burns, and watermarks can be repaired.
  • Damage repair/ re-gluing: We can repair damage such as broken spindles, chair backs, and legs.
  • Replacement chair spindles: We can replace broken chair spindles with matching spindles.
  • Wood stain/ paint: We can reapply the original paint color or wood stain or a new stain or color of your choosing.
  • Refinishing: We will apply a new finish to protect your chairs.

Give our professionals at RestorationMaster a call if you have wooden chairs or a kitchen or dining room table that is worn out or damaged.  We are experts when it comes to working with wooden furniture and we can fully repair and restore all types of chairs and wooden tables.  We are available at (630) 412-1400 for wooden furniture and chair repair and restoration in Crystal Lake, IL.