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Furniture Restoration and Repair for Crystal Lake, IL


(630) 412-1400

RestorationMaster serves homeowners and businesses in Crystal Lake, IL and the surrounding areas with quality furniture restoration and repair services.  Our experienced furniture repair craftsmen can repair and restore just about any type of furniture including wooden furniture, antique wooden furniture, and upholstered furniture.  We are highly trained and equipped to provide expert repairs, painting, and refinishing to restore the original beauty of your furniture or update its appearance with a new color or stain.  Our furniture restoration services will breathe new life into your furniture, saving you the cost of buying replacements.

We can provide the following furniture repair and restoration services:

  • Wood furniture restoration and repair
  • Cabinet refacing and restoration
  • Wood furniture repainting and refinishing
  • Wood table and chair repair and restoration
  • Antique furniture restoration

You can expect our craftsmen at RestorationMaster to work diligently to repair, restore, and refinish your damaged and worn out furniture.  We can repair any damage to your furniture including surface damage like dents, scratches, and gouges as well as structural damage to legs, spindles and more.  We can also remove the paint job and finish of your wood furniture and reapply the finish to restore its original appearance or update it with a brand-new look.  You can choose from a variety of paint colors, wood stains, and finishes and we offer color matching to restore the original appearance of the piece.

Wood furniture is expensive, and it can be a hassle to replace.  With our furniture restoration services, you will not have to replace wood furniture that has become damaged or worn out.  Our professionals can repair and restore your furniture on-site and we also have a state-of-the-art facility where we can paint and refinish your furniture.

You can call RestorationMaster at (630) 412-1400 for expert furniture repair and restoration in Crystal Lake, IL.

Wood Furniture Repair and Restoration – Crystal Lake, IL

Wood furniture is rather durable, but it will still wear out and become damaged over time which can affect its lifespan and its appearance.  As your wood furniture sustains more surface damage, and the paint or finish fades, it may be tempting to replace it.  However, replacing furniture is expensive and if it has not experienced extensive damage, it can likely be repaired and restored for less.  RestorationMaster provides wood furniture repair and restoration for residential and commercial furniture in Crystal Lake, IL.  We can remove surface blemishes like stains and scratches, repair upholstery, and apply a new paint job or finish.

Cabinet Repair and Restoration – Crystal Lake, IL

Cabinets are important for storage space in the kitchen and bathroom of your home as well as in offices and other commercial spaces.  The cabinets are also a major feature of the interior décor which is why it is noticeable when they become damaged or worn out.  Wooden cabinets especially may experience scratches and gouges from everyday use and their finish may wear out with time.  While you may not like the appearance of damaged and worn out cabinet doors and drawer fronts, replacing them is very expensive because this involves replacing the boxes behind the cabinets as well as the doors and drawers.  At RestorationMaster, we provide cabinet repair and refacing services in Crystal Lake, IL to restore the appearance of your cabinets.  Our craftsmen can repair and refinish cabinet door and drawer fronts or reface the cabinets without the need to replace the boxes.

Wood Furniture Refinishing and Repainting – Crystal Lake, IL

The finish or paint job on a shelf, dresser, or cabinet can wear out with time, causing the furniture to have a worn out or dull appearance.  In many cases, these pieces of furniture can be brought back to life by simply stripping them and reapplying a new finish or paint job.  At RestorationMaster, we provide wood furniture repainting and refinishing services to restore worn out pieces of furniture in Crystal Lake, IL.  Our craftsmen can color match and reapply the original finish or paint color or apply a new wood stain or color of your choosing to give it a new appearance.

Wooden Chair and Table Restoration and Repair – Crystal Lake, IL

People gather at the dining room or kitchen table with their families and guests which makes the table and chair sets important within a home.  Because dining room tables and wooden chairs are used almost everyday within the home, they may wear out quickly or sustain damage ranging from minor surface damage to structural damage.  Kitchen and dining room sets are expensive which makes repair and restoration much more practical.  RestorationMaster provides wooden chair and table restoration and repair services in Crystal Lake, IL.  We can repair dining room table and chair sets as well as other types of wooden chairs, and we can apply a new finish to wood tables and chairs to restore their appearance.

Antique Furniture Restoration – Crystal Lake, IL

People who own antique furniture cherish these pieces because of their monetary and sentimental value.  It is common for antique furniture to be a family heirloom that is enjoyed by several generations of the family.  When antique furniture is damaged or worn out, it can be frustrating because it needs to be repaired and refinished a certain way to preserve its status as an antique.  At RestorationMaster, we provide antique furniture restoration services to repair and restore antique pieces in Crystal Lake, IL.  We understand what it takes to preserve the antique status of our furniture and we can repair and restore your antiques to help preserve their original character.