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Cabinet Repair and Restoration in Crystal Lake, IL


(630) 412-1400

Cabinets are an important feature in the kitchen and bathroom of your home, as well as in offices and other commercial areas.  They not only provide necessary storage space, but also contribute to the interior décor as they take up a lot of space.  When cabinet doors and drawer fronts become worn out or damaged, this can affect the overall appearance of the space.  RestorationMaster provides cabinet repair and restoration services to restore and reface cabinets in homes and commercial buildings in Crystal Lake, IL.  Our services will restore the look of your cabinets for much less than it would cost to replace them.

Why Choose Cabinet Repair and Refacing

Cabinet repair and refacing is a much more affordable option than replacement to get your cabinets restored to an excellent condition.  Replacing cabinets also involves replacing the boxes behind the cabinets which is an expensive and intrusive process in your home.

Our professionals can restore the surfaces of cabinet doors and drawer fronts if they have sustained minor damage like scratches, stains, and gouges, and we can repair more serious structural damage.  You also have the option of replacing heavily damaged cabinet doors and drawer fronts as we can provide complete cabinet refacing services to replace these materials.  Your cabinets will have a like new appearance, and they will be able to last longer through consistent use.

Our cabinet repair and restoration services include the following:

  • Cabinet repair: If the cabinet doors and drawers are damaged, we can repair structural damage and remove scratches, stains, gouges, watermarks, and other surface damage.
  • Cabinet refacing: We can replace the cabinet doors and drawer fronts with new materials without removing the boxes, allowing you to get new cabinets without the cost of full replacement.
  • Cabinet painting and staining: We can restore the look of your cabinets by repainting or refinishing the cabinet doors and drawer fronts. You can choose to have a new color or finish applied or we can color match to get the original color or finish.
  • Countertop brace and cabinet removal: We will protect your cabinets, countertops, and the rest of your property as we work.

If your cabinets have become worn out or damaged, you do not have to pay for the full replacement and deal with the intrusive process on your property.  Our technicians at RestorationMaster can repair, restore, or reface your cabinets, drastically improving their appearance at a much lower cost.  Contact RestorationMaster by calling (630) 412-1400 for our cabinet restoration and repair services in Crystal Lake, IL.