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Sewage Cleanup in Ancient Oaks, PA


(215) 774-3120

If you discover standing water in your home or building, there is always a chance that the water could be contaminated by sewage.  Sewage water is dangerous because it can quickly cause serious damage and the presence of dangerous substances like bacteria in the water makes the affected areas dangerous.  If you suspect that flood water within your property may contain sewage, you need to keep everyone out of the affected areas and call a professional for cleanup.

RestorationMaster provides complete sewage cleanup in Ancient Oaks, PA.  Our professionals can safely remove sewage water from homes and buildings and ensure that the affected areas are cleaned and restored to safe conditions.  You can trust our IICRC certified technicians to handle any case involving sewage.

Sewage-Cleanup-Services-Ancient-Oaks-PADamage Caused by Sewage

Homes and buildings may become affected by sewage if a sewage backup occurs or if contaminated flood water finds its way inside.  Either way, you need to take quick action as the affected materials will absorb the sewage as well as the waste and debris it contains which will cause permanent damage.  Calling our professionals immediately will help stop the spread of the damage.

The presence of sewage is not only dangerous for your property, but also for your health.  Sewage contains harmful microorganisms that could spread infection or disease to those who are exposed.  You need to make sure that no one encounters water that may contain sewage and to keep the area clear until our professionals finish with the restoration.

Sewage Removal and Cleanup

Our technicians are IICRC certified and equipped to provide complete sewage removal and cleaning to leave your property in a safe condition.  We will remove all sewage water and permanently damaged materials and ensure that the affected areas and materials are dried, restored, and disinfected.

The following steps are included with our sewage backup cleaning services:

  • Removal of sewage and contaminated water
  • Complete drying of affected areas and materials
  • Removal of materials that are permanently damaged
  • Repair and restoration of damaged materials
  • Disinfection and cleaning using antimicrobial products
  • Deodorization

Call for Sewage Backup Cleaning

As soon as you find sewage on your property, you need to call our professionals at RestorationMaster for sewage backup cleaning.  Any hesitation will not only allow the damage to spread and increase the risk to your health.  You can reach us at (215) 774-3120 for emergency sewage cleanup in Ancient Oaks, PA.