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Mold Remediation for Orlando, FL

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The appearance of mold growth in a home or building can lead to an array of problems from discoloration to serious structural damage, as well as a variety of health issues.  Mold is an environmental problem as the naturally occurring mold spores create mold colonies if they find an area with a consistent source of moisture and food.  Mold growth will continue to cause damage to the affected surfaces once it forms, and it easily spreads to new and sometimes hidden areas.  The environmental experts of RestorationMaster provide complete mold testing and remediation services for homes and businesses in Orlando, FL.  We can thoroughly test your property to find hidden mold and remove all mold growth with advanced techniques.

Mold growth is an issue that you should never ignore because of the potential it has to cause serious damage.  The affected surfaces often contain cellulose which mold uses as a food source, so the damage will continue to get worse over time as the mold eats away at the surface.  Allowing the mold growth to linger can result in serious structural damage or spreading of the growth.  Hesitating to remove the mold will also greatly increase the risk of mold allergies or more serious health effects like respiratory infections.

Mold Testing and Removal

Mold Remediation for Orlando, FLThere are many cases in which mold growth starts in a hidden area of a home or building and causes considerable damage before it is even detected.  RestorationMaster provides complete environmental testing to find hidden mold growth and even determine what type of mold is on your property.  Our mold assessment includes the following steps:

  • Location of the mold source
  • Consultation for any resulting health issues
  • Culturable and nonculturable air or surface sampling
  • Documentation and report of the data
  • Creation of a mold remediation plan to resolve the issue

Once we have completed our mold assessment, we will form and implement a complete mold remediation plan.  Our mold removal services consist of the following:

  • Emergency response 24 hours a day to prevent the spread of the mold.
  • Moisture mapping and analysis of the extent and progress of the remediation.
  • Removal of excess water or moisture with industrial water extraction and drying equipment.
  • Containment of the contaminated areas and removal of damaged materials.
  • Content cleaning and restoration
  • Treatment with disinfectants and anti-microbials to prevent further mold growth.
  • Odor removal and air purification
  • Help filing insurance claims.

It is very important to treat mold like a serious issue and call for professional assistance as soon as you notice signs of mold growth.  You can trust RestorationMaster to accurately test for mold and provide complete removal to ensure that your property is mold free and fully restored.  Give us a call 24 hours a day for professional mold assessment and removal in Orlando, FL.