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Emergency Board Up Services for Orland, FL

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Your home or business is vulnerable to serious damage every time a natural disaster occurs.  Whether you are faced with a fire, smoke, flooding, severe weather, or a major accident, the damage to your property could immediately make your home or building unsafe or unstable.  Serious damage to the exterior or structural core of the home or building must be covered up and stabilized right away to prevent more damage or collapse until it can be properly reconstructed.  At RestorationMaster, we are ready to provide emergency board up services to secure homes and buildings that have sustained severe damage in Orlando, FL.  Our technicians will help stabilize the home or building to protect its structural integrity and cover openings to protect it from outside sources of damage.

Emergency-Board-Up-Services-in-Orlando-FLIt is crucial for you to react as quickly as possible if your home or business has experienced serious damage.  Holes or openings in the roof, siding, or windows let animals, vandals, and even elements from the weather inside which can each greatly increase the damage.  If the structural integrity of the building has been compromised, then you must make sure it gets stabilized immediately to provide it with temporary support.

Our technicians at RestorationMaster are ready to board up and stabilize all types of homes and commercial buildings following a disaster.  We will ensure that your home or building is completely secured to keep natural elements and vandals out, and we will stabilize your building to keep it standing until it is fully repaired.

You can expect the following steps with our emergency board up services:

  • Covering of all openings in the building
  • Roof tarping
  • Temporary enclosures or barricades if necessary

You must react immediately after a natural disaster to ensure that your home or building is properly stabilized to prevent further damage.  RestorationMaster is available to provide emergency board up services in Orlando, FL 24 hours a day.  You can reach us for emergency assistance.