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Mold Remediation in Meridian, ID


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If your home or commercial building is exposed to excessive moisture, then you are at risk of mold growth. While mold within your building may not seem very serious, it may lead to significant health and financial problems. Here are some reasons you must not let mold growth go within your building:

  • Molds Spread Quickly

Molds reproduce through spores. These are dust-like particles that can be easily carried through the air. Anywhere the spores settle, more mold will grow. Hence, if it is not quickly controlled, mold growth will spread fast.

  • Molds Destroy Structures

Mold uses cellulose in the wood and walls as a food source. Hence, as it is growing, it is destroying the affected materials or objects.

  • Mold is Dangerous to Health

In its mild form, mold exposure can lead to coughing, irritation, nasal congestion, and itching of the eyes. However, if not treated on time, mold growth can affect respiration and worsen asthma.

Having a mold related issue? Call our team to schedule an inspection (208) 875-4768 .

How to Stop Mold Growth

The simple way to stop mold from spreading within your building is to remove it and prevent its spores from landing on more parts of the building. However, because of the microscopic nature of molds and their spores, it may be challenging for an untrained person to effectively eliminate mold from a building. That is why you need the service of professionals.

 We Can Help You

If you need experts to remove mold from your property, you can talk to us. At RestorationMaster, we provide mold remediation services in Meridian, ID. We specialize in protecting homes and commercial buildings from water damage and mold growth. All our technicians are well trained and IICRC certified, and we have the skills and the equipment to remove mold and mold spores from your building. Our advanced technology and modern equipment will protect your property before and after removing the mold.

Our services are available all hours of the day, every day of the week. If you need an urgent service, you can call us and we will respond to you immediately. We will not only remove mold from your property but also investigate the cause of the mold. Once we detect that, we will take all measures to prevent future reoccurrence. We can also help you repair any damage caused by water penetration or mold growth in your property.

You can contact us today at (208) 875-4768 for mold remediation in Meridian, ID and we will be glad to work with you.

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