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Content Cleaning and Restoration Services – South Lake Tahoe, CA

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Whether your property sustained considerable damage in the unfortunate event of a disaster, or the harm was limited, some of your personal items may have been badly affected by fire, smoke, water, or mold. Losing valuable possessions and cherished keepsakes will undoubtedly upset you a great deal and cause the stress to escalate. Unless your treasured belongings have been completely ruined during the disaster, though, you have a fair chance of salvaging them and restoring them to a good condition. Experienced content cleaning and restoration professionals may manage to reverse the damage before it has become irrevocable. Just be sure to call them as soon as possible.

RestorationMaster provides content cleaning and pack-out services in South Lake Tahoe, CA to help salvage damaged personal items after a disaster.  Our technicians can effectively clean and restore your content on-site if the conditions in your home or building allow it, or pack-out your items and take them to a secured facility for specialized treatment and/or safe storage until the restoration process in your property is over.

Content Cleaning Services

At RestorationMaster, we use innovative cleaning methods and safe cleaning products that can effectively remove dirt, dust, mold spores, smoke particles, soot, and other similar contaminants from your items without damaging even the finest materials. Our advanced equipment and revolutionary restoration techniques allow us to bring even badly affected items back to their original condition.  Our technicians are specially trained and have rich experience in dealing with fragile items, sensitive electronics, fine pieces of art, family heirlooms, etc. We can also help you file insurance claims for your damaged belongings and take care of all the necessary paperwork.

Although it is very convenient to do the content cleaning and restoration on-site, your items may need more thorough cleaning and specific treatment or your property may require extensive repair and restoration work. Under such circumstances, we can pack out your content and take it to our specialized facilities for complete restoration and storage.

Pack-Out Services

If pack-out services are required, our technicians will create a detailed inventory of your damaged items and their current condition, and will pack them up with great care. You will receive a copy of the inventory list, of course, and so will your insurance company. Your belongings will be transported to our facility for thorough cleaning and complete restoration.  When ready, they will be safely stored until you request them back. We will deliver your belongings to your home, but it is your responsibility to check them against the inventory list and make sure that nothing has gone missing. You will be pleasantly surprised to find each of your items in an excellent condition and without any trace of damage.

A quick reaction will allow you to save your treasured possessions after a disaster. Stay alert and focused and call content cleaning and restoration professionals as soon as possible. If you need quality content cleaning and pack-out services in the area of South Lake Tahoe, CA, contact RestorationMaster right away.  You can reach us 24 hours a day at (888) 915-7197to salvage your personal belongings and ensure your peace of mind.