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Flood Damage Restoration in Greater Upper Marlboro, MD

Top To Bottom Renovation, Inc.

(301) 579-8215

Discovering the presence of flood water within your home or business can be an overwhelming situation, necessitating immediate action for its removal. Instances of indoor flooding can arise from various sources, such as ruptured or malfunctioning pipes, overflowing fixtures, appliance malfunctions, sewage backups, and failures in sump pump systems, in addition to severe storms and natural disasters. The inundation caused by floods can result in significant harm and the water may harbor hazardous substances. It is important to contact our team of experts without delay.

At Top To Bottom Renovation, Inc., we specialize in providing comprehensive flood damage restoration solutions in Greater Upper Marlboro, MD, catering to affected households and commercial buildings. Our skilled technicians respond immediately to eliminate floodwater from your property and effectively address the resulting damage.

Top To Bottom Renovation Water Damage Restoration and Repair

Damage Caused by Floods

Regardless of what caused the flood, it has the potential to inflict significant harm within your property, leading to hazardous circumstances. The floodwater swiftly permeates surrounding building materials, such as flooring, wood, and drywall, eventually culminating in severe structural damage. Furthermore, the areas affected by flooding become susceptible to mold growth, amplifying both the extent of damage and the health risks associated with exposure to mold.

Additionally, it is essential to consider the possible presence of contaminants in the water. Water originating from sewage backups or natural floods often contains hazardous substances like waste, debris, and harmful microorganisms that can induce infections or diseases. Even water from sources such as toilets or appliance leaks may be contaminated. Should you suspect that the flood water within your home is contaminated, it is crucial to refrain from any contact with the water and promptly seek our restoration services.

Flood Damage Restoration

Delaying your response following indoor flooding can worsen the damage. By promptly reaching out to our skilled team at Top To Bottom Renovation, Inc., you can effectively mitigate the damage and save money on the restoration process. Our experienced technicians will swiftly begin the water extraction process and initiate crucial drying procedures. Additionally, we will assess whether the affected materials can be salvaged and help reconstruct structural damage.

Top To Bottom Renovation, Inc. Flood Damage Cleanup Service

Our flood damage restoration services include the following:

  • Quick response: The damage caused by indoor flooding will continue to get worse until the restoration begins. Our technicians provide a quick response to stop the spread of the flooding and start the restoration.
  • Trained and certified technicians: Our technicians specialize in flood cleanup and will ensure that all flood water is removed from your property.
  • Advanced equipment: We can extract the flood water and dry the affected areas and materials using the best water extraction and dehumidification equipment of the industry.

Flooded Basement Cleaning from Top To Bottom Renovation, Inc.

When faced with a flood in your home or building, it is crucial to take swift action by contacting our skilled professionals at Top To Bottom Renovation, Inc. We have the expertise necessary to effectively address indoor flooding and restore your property to its pre-flood state.

For flood damage emergencies in Greater Upper Marlboro, MD, we offer round-the-clock assistance. You can reach us at (301) 579-8215 at any time of the day or night.

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Recent Reviews

Review by Denise Greene

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

"Top To Bottom is highly exceptional on every level from the quality of work to professionalism. This was my first time dealing with a flood as well as filing an insurance claim. Fred not only walked me through the process but was always available to the insurance company for their requests and visits. Unfortunately, I was out of state during the critical moments of the renovation. But, Fred went above and beyond to make a complicated situation extremely easy. His communication was thorough and consistent; and, he took the lead with other contractors to ensure that the project remained on schedule. Most importantly, I was completely at ease given the care Fred and his team took with our home. And, our kitchen looks beautiful!!! We are so fortunate to have found Top To Bottom!"

Review by Karen M

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

"OUTSTANDING!!! Fred and his team were professional, prompt, responsive and went way above and beyond in the services they provided. I contacted them to assist with water damage from a pipe that burst. His team handled the cleanup and water mitigation flawlessly. He always stayed in communication and responded to my calls, texts and questions. A week later I had a leak at another property and Fred was my first call. He handled the 2nd house as well and even identified additional things that needed to be addressed with the furnace, roof and mold. I'd give 6 stars if possible. ****** Call Fred. He'll get it done!"

Review by Kari Muhammad

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

“I can't recommend this company highly enough! Imagine getting a call in the middle of the night and being told that a pipe burst and your basement is filled ankle-high with water. That's what I was dealing with when I spoke to Fred at 4am. He immediately got a team out and they took care of the problem- getting up the water, cutting open the ceiling and the walls in several rooms. They took up the floor throughout the basement and installed heavy duty dryers. They came out everyday to assess the moisture level until everything was all dry. I was out of town while all of this was taking place, but Fred was very easy to work with and he called and/or texted me everyday! I didn't get the chance to meet him until 3 weeks later when he came by to pick up the payment. A true professional, who's company is licensed and bonded and my insurance company is very familiar with. Such a pleasure!”

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