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Sewage Cleanup Services in Wayne, NJ

Superior Restoration Services

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Excessive water and flooding in a home or building can lead to significant damage as the water gets absorbed in porous building materials and furnishings.  If the water that affects a property is contaminated with sewage, then the situation is much more dangerous.  Sewage contaminated water can cause permanent damage to affected materials very quickly and it consists of dangerous toxins that can cause health issues.  If you suspect that the water on your property contains sewage, you need to stay clear of the water and call a disaster restoration professional immediately.

Superior Restoration Services provides sewage cleanup services to remove sewage-contaminated water from flooding and sewage backups in Wayne, NJ.  Our technicians will ensure all sewage is removed using advanced extraction equipment and we can restore or replace damaged materials.  We can also reduce the risk of illness with effective cleaning and disinfection.

Sewage-Cleanup-TR Water & Fire Restoration-Wayne-NJDangers of Sewage Water

The presence of sewage within a home or building is an emergency because it can cause widespread permanent water damage and put your health at risk.  Sewage water may enter your property mixed with contaminated floodwater, or if there is a sewage backup.  The waste materials within the sewage water get absorbed in porous materials like wood, drywall, carpeting, and furniture which can quickly damage these materials beyond repair.  Sewage also brings a strong, foul odor into the affected areas.

Sewage water on your property puts your health at risk because of the viruses, bacteria, and other harmful micro-organisms it contains.  Attempting to clean or remove sewage water without the proper equipment will only increase the damage and the risk of negative health effects.  The best way to protect yourself and others from the sewage is to avoid contact with it and call our professionals immediately.

Professional Sewage Backup Cleaning

At Superior Restoration Services, we have trained and experienced technicians who are prepared to remove sewage water and clean up the resulting water damage.  Using advanced water extraction equipment, we will ensure all sewage water is removed from your property.  We will then dry the affected areas and materials and safely remove materials that are permanently damaged.  As a final step, we will thoroughly clean and disinfect the affected areas so that they are safe to enter.

You can expect the following steps from our sewage cleanup services in Wayne, NJ:

  • Removal of sewage water and drying of affected furnishings and materials
  • Removal of permanently damaged materials and biohazards
  • Demolition of damaged drywall and other building materials
  • Thorough cleaning and disinfection of affected areas
  • Restoration and repair of affected areas
  • Deodorization

Contact Us for Sewage Backup Cleanup in Wayne, NJ

As soon as you realize there is sewage on your property, you need to keep a safe distance and call the professionals of Superior Restoration Services right away.  You can count on our licensed technicians to safely remove the sewage and ensure that the affected areas are restored, cleaned, and disinfected.

You can reach us at (973) 381-2313 for sewage cleanup in Wayne, NJ.

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