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Fire Damage Restoration in Millburn, NJ


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Fire disasters are extremely overwhelming disasters that may affect your home or business.  Fires can cause a severe amount of permanent damage to the property materials and contents in a short amount of time.  Fire disasters also threaten the safety of anyone within or near the property.  Once the proper authorities have addressed the immediate threat of the fire, the property is still not safe from sustaining permanent damage from the smoke and soot left behind.  It is crucial to contact a professional restoration service immediately after the flames have been extinguished to help prevent the fire and smoke damage from becoming permanent.

RestorationMaster provides professional fire and smoke damage restoration services to homes and businesses in Millburn, NJ that have sustained damage due to a fire disaster.  Our fire restoration technicians will arrive promptly after receiving your call to stabilize the structure and treat the smoke damage.

Effects of Fire Damage

While it isn’t much of a surprise that a fire can cause a widespread amount of permanent damage, many people don’t realize the effects of the smoke and soot that will continue to spread even after the fire has been extinguished.  Smoke, soot, and other corrosive byproducts left behind by the fire will continue to spread and lead to permanent damage if not addressed as soon as possible.  Damage to surfaces and materials includes etching and lingering smoke odors.

RestorationMaster is prepared to address the damage to your property in Millburn, NJ caused by fire and corrosive byproducts like smoke and soot.  Upon arrival, our fire damage repair crew will stabilize the property structure to prevent possible collapse.  Then we will work quickly to prevent the smoke damage from becoming permanent through our pre-cleaning process.

Professional Fire Damage Restoration in Millburn, NJ

Our professional technicians are IICRC certified and specially trained to handle the damage caused by a fire disaster.  We will assess the overall damage and create a customized restoration plan that best fits your situation and schedule.  Our technicians will address the damage to the structural materials and surfaces.  We will use powerful cleaning products and deodorizers to treat the smoke damage and remove any smoke odors.

We can also treat damage to furnishings, clothing, and other contents that have not been permanently damaged through our content cleaning and pack-out services.  We will work swiftly and efficiently to ensure that the property is returned to a safe condition.

Fire Restoration Done Right in Millburn, NJ

If your home or business in Millburn, NJ is experiencing a fire disaster, contact RestorationMaster once the immediate threat of the fire has been put out.

We are available 24/7 to provide professional fire damage restoration services and will respond promptly to emergency situations.

Contact us at (888) 915-7197.

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