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Water Damage Restoration – Long Island NY

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A little water or moisture may seem harmless, but it is the cause of most cases of property damage in homes and commercial buildings.  Anything from a slow leak from the roof to standing water from a storm can result in structural damage or mold growth.  If you notice water damage on your property, it is important to react immediately because water can spread throughout your property through porous building materials and cause more extensive damage.  RestorationMaster provides water damage restoration services in Long Island, NY to remove anything from standing water to excess moisture.  We employ a three-phase structural drying and restoration process that will ensure that all water and moisture is removed, and that the resulting damage has been repaired.

You must react to water damage as soon as you spot it in your property because the damage will get worse the longer you let it go.  Woodwork, drywall, insulation, and various types of flooring are absorbent and allow excess water to spread through them and affect a larger area in your home or building.  Materials that are affected by water damage can become discolored and weakened to the point that structural damage is possible.  The presence of excess water also makes mold more likely to appear which will cause additional damage and put those within at risk of serious health effects.

Phases of Water Damage Restoration

The water damage experts of RestorationMaster are fully prepared to remove excess water and moisture from your property and provide structural drying to prevent additional damage or mold growth.  Our water damage restoration services are divided into the following three phases:

Emergency Extraction and Structural Drying

We will start by assessing the condition of your flooring to determine if it can be saved.  If it can, we will immediately extract the water and detect the level of moisture in the affected materials with our moisture meters.  Our technicians will then set up our dehumidification equipment and air movers to dry the affected flooring and structural elements.  The structural drying process may have to be repeated several times to ensure that the affected structural elements and materials are thoroughly dried.

Reinstallation and Cleaning

Any materials that are removed for the drying phase, including carpeting, will be reinstalled.  We will also clean, sanitize, and deodorize the damaged objects and materials to prevent mold and restore them to their original condition.  At this point, we will remove our drying equipment.

Structural Repairs

Once the drying and cleaning phases are complete, our technicians will evaluate the affected areas for structural damage.  We will repair damage to the flooring, drywall, ceiling, and other structural elements and install new carpeting if your original carpet cannot be salvaged.  If necessary, we will do structural repairs before the cleaning phase.

If there is excess water or moisture on your property, you cannot hesitate to react.  Water damage can quickly become a major problem by spreading through vulnerable materials and causing mold growth.  Make sure you call our experts at RestorationMaster at the first sign of water damage to keep the damage limited.  You can reach us 24 hours a day at (888) 915-7197 for emergency water damage restoration in Long Island, NY.

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