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Upon encountering a huge mess left behind from a construction team, it can be frustrating to find dirt and debris littering your property. Finding nails, screws, sawdust, and other debris left all over a large building can even be overwhelming to handle. In addition, this also poses safety and health risks as the nails and screws can cause injuries while the sawdust and other debris trigger breathing problems and allergy symptoms.

RestorationMaster provides professional post construction cleanup services in the Gresham, OR area to completely remove all leftovers from the construction site. With years of experience and training, our technicians will cover all areas of the property, ensuring that it provides a safe and clean environment once again.

Effects of Debris Left on a Property

Discovering the mess left over by the construction workers can be a huge disappointment. Unfortunately, the cleanup is not covered in some construction services as there may be mud tracked on the floors, sawdust floating in the air, and debris left on the floor and furnishings.

In addition, and dust particles may have been caught within the HVAC system to pollute the air within the property. Not only is it unpleasant to encounter, the dust can trigger asthma and other breathing problems if it becomes inhaled. This is why post construction cleanup services are necessary to remove all remaining debris, clean out the air duct system, and deodorize the property in order to restore it to a clean and safe environment again.

The following procedures are covered in post construction cleanup services:

  • Hard floor cleaning
  • Removal of paint overspray
  • Spot treatment and vacuuming
  • Cleaning upholstery and furniture
  • Window and wall cleaning
  • Dusting fans, furniture, and air supply and return registers
  • Deodorization

Finding that your property is covered in dirt and debris can be extremely stressful, especially after hearing that it has been effectively restored to its original condition. However, it cannot provide a safe with sawdust, nails, and screws on the floor. As it can cause deterioration within the building structure and air duct system, it must be removed as soon as possible.

With professional post construction cleaning services, RestorationMaster will ensure that all areas of the property are cleaned ensuring to restore a clean and healthy setting.

If you live in the Gresham, OR area and have found large amounts of debris left over on your property after construction or remodeling services, call the professionals at RestorationMaster at (503)376-6666 for post-construction cleanup. They will ensure that all debris has been removed and the property is effectively cleaned in a timely manner.