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RestorationMaster- Greece, New York

(585) 643-6222
Since 2007, RestorationMaster has been providing quality restoration and cleaning services for homes and businesses in Greece, NY, as well as the surrounding communities in Monroe County, to help them recover after a disaster.  We are locally owned and operated and each one of the technicians employed by RestorationMasteris highly trained and IICRC certified to handle any size restoration job in commercial and residential settings.  Our staff is committed to meeting all of your restoration needs and you can call us 24 hours a day to provide emergency restoration services.

The main services that we provide include water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, smoke damage restoration, mold removal, carpet and upholstery cleaning, and storm damage restoration, and our technicians use the industry’s best equipment and cleaning products such as deodorizers, sanitizing agents, germicides, anti-microbial treatments, and hi-tech drying equipment.  We work quickly to minimize the damage following a disaster and get your home or building back to normal and we have also won several awards based on our outstanding service.  You can call RestorationMaster for disaster restoration services in Greece, NY 24 hours a day at (585) 643-6222.

Water Damage Restoration – Greece, NYWater Damage Restoration – Greece, NY

Water damage restoration is an emergency business because once it starts, it will continue to spread through absorbent building materials until it is removed, causing significant property damage if it is not taken care of immediately.  Extensive water damage can also lead to other issues like mold growth which is why RestorationMaster is on call 24 hours a day to respond to water damage emergencies in Greece, NY.  We respond quickly to thoroughly dry your home or building with the Dri-Eaz technique and we can also remove any musty odors left behind from the excess water or moisture.

fire-cleanup-services-webster-nyFire Damage Restoration – Greece, NY

Even when the fire is out, the damage continues as corrosive byproducts and chemical emissions that are a result of the fire can continue to cause damage which will become irreversible without quick restoration work.  RestorationMaster provides effective fire damage restoration services in Greece, NY with an understanding of chemical combinations that can effectively clean and salvage soot damaged belongings.  It is important to contact us immediately for fire damage restoration services to help prevent permanent damage to your home or business.

fire-restoration-greece-nySmoke Damage Restoration – Greece, NY

The flames are not the only source of damage in a fire, the smoke can cause significant damage as well, even in parts of the building that were not touched directly by the flames.  The damage caused by smoke includes residue, soot, and odors that can get absorbed into the structural elements of your home.  RestorationMaster provides smoke damage restoration services in Greece, NY to effectively remove soot damage and odor from homes and businesses that have been damaged by smoke.  Our technicians use advanced cleaning and sanitizing agents to remove soot from household surfaces as well as ozone machines to remove smoke odor.

mold-remediation-greece-nyMold Remediation – Greece,  NY

Mold growth can occur anywhere in a home or building as long as the right conditions are met and if it is not removed, it can spread to cause significant property damage and increase certain health risks such as allergies and infection.  The cleaning professionals at RestorationMaster provide mold remediation services for homes and businesses in Greece, NY to remove mold and repair the resulting damage.  Removing mold without contaminating people or other areas of the structure is a critical step for successful mold cleanup and we use advanced cleaning products, procedures, and equipment to assure a high level of mold cleaning performance without allowing the mold growth to spread.

carpet-cleaning-services-greece-nyCarpet and Upholstery Cleaning – Greece, NY

When it comes to keeping a home clean, maintaining the carpet and upholstery is an effective way to improve the cleanliness and appearance of your home.  Carpets trap dirt and debris from the consistent foot traffic which can make them appear dirty and worn out and the same can happen with upholstery fabric on your furniture.  RestorationMaster provides carpet and upholstery cleaning services to homeowners in Greece, NY.  We use state-of-the-art cleaning equipment to remove deeply embedded dirt and debris from all types of carpeting and upholstery and restore the original appearance.

storm-damage-restoration-in-greece-nyStorm Damage Restoration – Greece, NY

Upstate New York has had its share of severe thunderstorms and floods that have been known to cause property damage in homes and businesses.  If strong winds or debris from a storm causes significant damage to your home, it is important to get the structure stabilized and begin the restoration work immediately.  RestorationMaster provides storm damage restoration services in Greece, NY to help homes and local businesses recover after sustaining damage from a storm.  We will remove debris from your property and repair damage to the structure, roofing, and siding of your home or building.

Frozen-Pipes-Greece-NYFrozen Pipes – Greece, NY

Upstate New York endures some of the coldest temperatures in the U.S. during the winter which increases the possibility of frozen and burst pipes.  Below freezing temperatures can cause water within pipes to freeze and the expanding ice can lead to a burst pipe.  When the pipe bursts, water can spill out into the building very quickly and cause serious water damage.  You need to immediately shut off the water when this happens and call our professionals for restoration.  At RestorationMaster, we provide frozen pipe restoration services to clean and restore the damage caused by frozen and burst pipes in Greece, NY.  We can effectively remove water and moisture that has spilled into the building and restore the resulting damage.