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Disaster Furniture Restoration for Geneva and St. Charles, IL


RestorationMaster is a leading provider of disaster furniture restoration services in Geneva and St. Charles, IL. Our experienced technicians are highly trained when it comes to addressing the variety of elements that can damage furniture (such as excess water, fire, smoke, and others). Wooden furniture is particularly vulnerable in these situations, but that does not mean it cannot be restored. We give these and similar types of furniture the best odds of being fully recovered.

Results of Significant Property Damage

When significant property damage occurs, it can be difficult to know what exactly to do. Ensuring the safety of anybody in the building should always be the top priority. Stabilizing your building is a must, as well. After that, it is important to consider all of the valuable furniture and wooden structures inside that may have been damaged. This includes cabinets, hardwood floors, tables, doors, chairs, antiques, and more. Replacing all of these items and surfaces would be extremely expensive, which is why we encourage you to utilize our expertise.

Restoring Your Furniture

Our technicians are expert craftsmen, and highly trained to restore a variety of materials in a number of dangerous situations. As we mentioned above, fire, smoke, and water damage are common causes of destruction, but they do not define the scope of our skill sets. Additionally, while woodworking is a major focus of our business as a whole, we address furniture constructed from many other materials, as well. Wood is simply one of the more vulnerable materials we work with. To gain a better understanding of how we can help, please see the types of furniture we commonly restore in disaster scenarios below:

  • Antiques and family heirlooms
  • Paneling, millwork, banisters, and doors
  • Marble and granite
  • Cabinets, mantles, tables, and desks
  • Furniture with upholstery
  • Unique and specialty items

Depending on the type of disaster that your furniture has faced, we will need to provide varying restoration techniques, and utilize specified equipment. In the event of fires, we will remove charred and burned pieces of furniture as necessary, and rebuild them. If water or excess moisture has caused swelling or cracking, we will repair it. In either case, if your materials have become discolored, we can accurately blend colors, as well as repaint and refinish affected surfaces. In essence, we implement state-of-the-art methodologies in order to provide an optimal result.

To make use of our disaster furniture restoration services, simply call our representatives at (630) 412-1400. We will get a team of highly trained technicians to your site as swiftly as possible. At RestorationMaster, we are proud to assist homeowners and business owners in Geneva and St. Charles, IL.