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Carpet Cleaning Services in Portland, OR 97202



The carpet is usually the most prominent furnishing in a home or office; however, it is easy to forget until it becomes dirty or worn. A discolored or deteriorating carpet can bring down the look of an entire room or office. It may even leave guests, employees, and clients with a bad impression of your home or business. Keeping the carpet clean is key to maintaining a healthy, clean, and comfortable environment.

RestorationMaster provides professional carpet cleaning services to fully clean and restore carpeting for homes and businesses in Portland, OR.  Our advanced cleaning products and equipment can effectively remove dirt and stains to restore the original condition of your carpet.


Embedded Debris from Foot Traffic

RestorationMaster recommends that you have your carpet professionally cleaned at least once per year; your carpet is constantly gathering dirt and debris from foot traffic.  Repeated use of the carpet causes dirt and debris to accumulate in the fibers. This will eventually cause the color to fade and fibers to come apart at the seams. Vacuuming can reduce the amount of debris buildup in the carpet, however, only professional services can remove the debris completely.

Hot Water Extraction

At RestorationMaster, we clean all types of carpeting in commercial and residential settings using the hot water extraction method.  This cleaning method involves the use of specialized equipment that deposits a mild, hot water cleaning solution deep into the carpet fibers.  The same cleaning wand used to apply the solution then extracts it out with the embedded dirt and debris.  This cleaning method is done within 24 hours, leaving your carpet to be dry and free of residue the next day.

Our complete services include the following:

  • Initial inspection of the carpet to decide on the appropriate cleaning method
  • Vacuuming to remove loose debris
  • Pre-treatment for spots and stains
  • Pre-spray to loosen embedded soil
  • Thorough cleaning with hot water extraction method
  • Post-treatment of lingering stains
  • Grooming of the carpet fibers for better drying and appearance
  • Final inspection

If you want your carpeting in your home or office in Portland, OR professionally cleaned, contact RestorationMaster, OR for a free estimate.  Our hot water extraction method will drastically improve the look of your carpet and guarantee a longer life.

You can call us anytime at (503) 376-6666 to schedule your professional carpet cleaning appointment in the Portland, OR area.