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Mold Remediation Services – Long Island NY

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Mold is one of the most dangerous substances that can invade a home or building because of the damage it causes, and the effect it can have on your health.  Mold growth usually starts as a result of water damage or an increase in humidity, and it can quickly spread and cause growth in new areas.  The spores only need a source of moisture and a food source such as cellulose to begin growing, which is why it can appear and spread so quickly.  It is very important to take immediate action if there is mold in your home to prevent serious damage or health issues.  RestorationMaster provides mold remediation services in Long Island, NY to eradicate mold from affected homes and businesses.  We can thoroughly and effectively remediate mold issues of any size.

Once mold growth appears on your property, it is a threat to spread, cause damage, and negatively impact your health.  Cellulose, the most common food source for mold, is found in wood and drywall which makes these surfaces vulnerable to serious damage from mold.  The more severe the damage gets, the more likely it is to result in permanent or structural damage.  The potential health effects of mold are also a serious cause for concern as those exposed to mold spores may experience allergic reactions including coughing, trouble breathing, skin irritation, runny or stuffy nose, and itchy eyes or throat.  Long term exposure leads to much more serious conditions such as respiratory infections and asthma.


Quality Mold Removal

Our technicians are trained to provide a visual inspection of the mold problem, and we work with an independent third party that can test the quality of the air and locate hidden mold.  After the third party completes the assessment, we will form and implement a complete mold remediation plan that follows the guidelines of the IICRC.  After the remediation, the air quality will be tested again to ensure that the mold has been thoroughly removed and that the conditions are safe.

The following are the benefits of our mold remediation services:

  • Highly trained staff with supervision from third party air quality professionals
  • Remediation with specialized equipment and products
  • Quick response and quality service

Preventing Mold

Mold spores are a constant natural presence in the air, so your best protection against mold growth is prevention.  The following tips will help prevent mold growth:

  • Keep the moisture in your home between 30 and 60 percent. You can keep the moisture level low by properly ventilating the kitchen and bathroom, using dehumidifiers in areas prone to moisture, and using exhaust fans when cooking.
  • Wipe water or condensation from wet structural elements or furnishings within 24 hours.
  • Use water and detergent to clean hard surfaces and dry them thoroughly.
  • Add insulation to outside walls, piping, roofing, and flooring to prevent condensation.
  • Do not install carpeting in areas prone to moisture.

You should never ignore a mold issue on your property because it will only cause more extensive damage and increase the risks to your health.  Make sure you call the mold remediation experts of RestorationMaster immediately after you notice the problem.  We will arrive quickly to begin our assessment of the mold growth.  You can call us 24 hours a day at (631) 206-6808 for more about our mold remediation services.