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Construction Services in Liberty Township, OH

Disaster Relief of Environmental Specialists

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During disasters like floods, fires, and storms, residential and commercial buildings face a significant risk of damage. The structural core, roof, and exterior of buildings can suffer severe damage, requiring more than just restoration work to fix. To address such extensive damage, it is crucial for affected homes and businesses to seek professional help for reconstruction.

Disaster Relief of Environmental Specialists provides complete reconstruction services in Liberty Township, OH to rebuild homes and buildings that have sustained severe damage. We are a general contractor that can handle any construction and remodeling project to rebuild your property following a major disaster. You can expect quality work and transparency from our professionals during the entire reconstruction process.

reconstruction liberty township ohio

Reconstruction for Severe Property Damage

When your home or business faces a disaster, there’s a chance it can sustain devastating damage. Dealing with extensive property damage can feel daunting, leaving you uncertain about the next steps. It’s vital to immediately seek help from a trustworthy professional to address the harm and prevent the situation from worsening. At Disaster Relief of Environmental Specialists, we boast a team of expert technicians who excel in restoring properties with severe damage. Your property will undergo reconstruction that adheres to current health, safety, and construction standards.

You can trust that our team of experts will manage every detail of the rebuilding process. This includes initial stabilization of the property, a meticulous damage assessment, as well as the creation and implementation of a thorough reconstruction plan. The stages involved in our reconstruction services include:

  • Building stabilization: We will start by stabilizing and boarding up the building to secure it and prevent additional damage.
  • Planning: We will assess the damage and create a reconstruction plan that accommodates all repairs needed.
  • Reconstruction: Our technicians provide expert reconstruction and remodeling to fully rebuild and restore your home or building.

Our reconstruction services may include the following:

  • Assessment of the damage
  • Complete project management
  • Stabilization and emergency board up
  • Demolition and debris removal
  • Reconstruction of the damage
  • General construction including carpentry, electrical work, plumbing, flooring, and roofing
  • Help with insurance claims

Reconstruction & Repair After Water Damage

Water damage can be devastating, causing ceilings to sag and weakening floors and walls. When faced with such challenges, reconstruction and repair become imperative. Here at Disaster Relief of Environmental Specialists, we’re committed to restoring homes and offices in Liberty Township, OH, to their former glory. Our expert team is equipped to handle the extensive reconstruction needed to address water-damaged ceilings, floors, and walls, ensuring safety and structural integrity. We’re here to bring comfort and normalcy back to your space after water-related disasters.

Reconstruction & Repair After Fire Damage:

After a fire, the aftermath includes damage to ceilings, floors, and walls from smoke and soot, requiring reconstruction and repair. At Disaster Relief of Environmental Specialists, we’re committed to restoring homes and offices in Liberty Township, OH, affected by fire damage. Our skilled team is equipped to handle the challenges posed by fire-damaged structures, ensuring thorough reconstruction and repair to ensure safety and security in your space

Call Us for Construction Services in Liberty Township, OH

reconstruction and repair liberty township oh

If your home or building has experienced extensive damage from a disaster, it is crucial to contact our experts promptly for stabilization and reconstruction. Our team is ready round the clock at (513) 506-2275 to provide renovation and emergency construction services in Liberty Township, OH.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is involved in Reconstruction?

We start our reconstruction by figuring out what’s broken. Then, we fix things like wires, walls, woodwork, paint, floors, cabinets, and roofs. We also handle permits and make sure everything gets done right.

Q. How long will the reconstruction project take?

The reconstruction timeline depends on factors such as the extent of damage and repair complexity. Small projects may wrap up in a few days, while larger ones could extend over weeks or months.

Q. Do I need to relocate during the reconstruction process?

In some cases, relocation may be necessary, especially if the property is deemed unsafe or uninhabitable during reconstruction. Once we arrive at the location, we can advise you the best solution after looking up at the damage.