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Furniture Restoration and Repair for McHenry, IL


Furniture Medic by MasterCare Experts

Furniture Medic by MasterCare Experts is a trusted provider of furniture restoration and repair services for McHenry, IL and the surrounding north Chicago suburbs.  We can effectively restore, repair, and refinish and repaint wooden furniture, upholstered furniture, and even antique furniture.  Our team of expert craftsmen is highly trained and uses the latest technology and furniture restoration and repair methods to restore the original beauty and functionality of your furniture.  We have saved homeowners and businesses hundreds of dollars by saving them from having to replace their furniture.

The furniture restoration and repair services that we provide include the following:

  • Wood furniture repair and restoration
  • Cabinet repair and restoration
  • Wood furniture refinishing and repainting
  • Wood chair and table restoration and repair
  • Antique furniture repair and restoration

At Furniture Medic by MasterCare Experts, we are committed to restoring worn out and damaged furniture to its original condition.  We can handle structural repairs and the repair of minor surface damage including scratches, watermarks, and dents, and we can completely strip and refinish or repaint wooden furniture to restore its original appearance.  We offer a wide range of wood stains, finishes, and paint colors to restore the original color or stain of your furniture or update it with a new look.

Your furniture is a major investment.  Our professionals will protect your investment with excellent furniture repair and refinishing services, saving you the cost of replacing your furniture.  We can do many furniture repair jobs on-site and we also have a state-of-the-art facility in which we can apply seamless finishes, stains, and paint jobs.

If you need expert furniture repair or restoration for the furniture in your home or office in McHenry, IL, give us a call at (630) 480-4863.

furniture-restoration-mchenry-ilWood Furniture Repair and Restoration – McHenry, IL

Wood furniture is chosen for its natural beauty and durability, but it is not invincible.  Minor surface damage such as scratches, gouges, watermarks, and stains can occur with use and the finish or paint can wear away from the furniture over time.  When your wood furniture becomes damaged or worn out, you can avoid costly replacements by having the furniture repaired and restored by an expert.  At Furniture Medic by MasterCare Experts, we provide wood furniture repair and restoration services in McHenry, IL to repair and restore all types of wooden furniture.  Our technicians can repair structural damage and surface damage like scratches and gouges and apply a new finish or paint job to restore its original appearance or create a fresh, bold look.

Wooden-Cabinet-Restoration-Furniture-Medic-McHenry-ILCabinet Repair and Restoration – McHenry, IL

The cabinets are a prominent feature of a home, especially in the kitchen and bathroom, and they have a major effect on the appearance of the space.  With everyday use, wooden cabinets can show signs of wear and tear including scratches and other surface marks and a worn-out finish.  Replacing cabinets is quite expensive because this requires replacing the cabinet doors and drawers as well as the boxes that these parts connect to.  It is much more cost effective to repair, restore, or reface the cabinets.  Furniture Medic by MasterCare Experts provides cabinet repair and restoration services in McHenry, IL to restore the look of your kitchen or bathroom cabinets.  We can repair minor damage to the cabinet doors and drawers and restore their finish or replace the cabinet doors and drawers with new materials.

Furniture-Refinishing-McHenry-ILWood Furniture Refinishing and Repainting – McHenry, IL

Over time, the paint job or finish on wood furniture will wear out or become faded, affecting the look of the piece.  If the furniture is not damaged, then it can be revitalized with a new paint job or the application of a new finish.  Furniture Medic by MasterCare Experts provides wood furniture painting and refinishing services in McHenry, IL to revitalize the look of wooden furniture with a worn-out finish or paint job.  We offer a variety of paint colors and finishes to restore the original appearance of your furniture or update it with a new look.

Wood-Chair-Repair-Services-in-McHenry-ILWooden Chair and Table Restoration and Repair – McHenry, IL

Wooden table and chair sets are important in a home because this is where families gather for meals and to entertain guests.  The repeated use of kitchen or dining room tables and chairs can lead to damage over the years, including surface scratches and gouges and wearing of the stain or finish.  It can be expensive to replace dining room table sets and wooden chairs of all types, but you can have them restored for less.  At Furniture Medic by MasterCare Experts, we provide wooden table and chair restoration and repair services in McHenry, IL.  Our craftsmen can repair and restore kitchen and dining room tables to their original appearance, and we can repair all types of wooden chairs.

antique-furniture-restoration-mchenry-ilAntique Furniture Restoration – McHenry, IL

Antique furniture is usually the most beloved furniture of its owners because of its worth, beauty, and sentimental value.  Many antique pieces are family heirlooms that are treasured by multiple generations.  Because of this, it can be disheartening to have your antique furniture become damaged or worn out.  At Furniture Medic by MasterCare Experts, we can restore your antique pieces in McHenry, IL with our antique furniture restoration and repair services.  Our craftsmen can effectively repair surface and structural damage to your antique furniture and restore its original appearance while keeping its antique status.

Recent Reviews

Review by Pam Perrine
Disaster Restoration

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

“Over 40 years ago my father made me a small top-shelf piece with miniature spindle railings that fenced in the content of each shelf and he used a dark walnut stain. I was really worried about breaking the spindles by lightening the color to a honey oak color. Furniture Medic are Masters! They did a fantastic job! My father would have definitely approved.”

Review by Eileen Gutierrez
Disaster Restoration

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

“Furniture Medic did a beautiful job refinishing my golden oak tables and worked with me to get the right shade of mahogany I was looking for. They were all very personable and professional and price was reasonable for the great work they do. I highly recommend this business.”

Review by Ken Siegel
Disaster Restoration

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

“The Furniture Medic redid intricate canning of a 125 year old chair that I thought was not repairable. It looks great, and took less than 2 weeks!”

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