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Furniture Restoration and Repair for Lake in the Hills, IL


(630) 412-1400

RestorationMaster has long provided professional furniture restoration and repair services for homeowners and businesses in Lake in the Hills, IL, and the surrounding areas in McHenry County.  Our staff consists of expert craftsmen who can repair, restore, and refinish all types of wooden furniture and antique furniture to restore its original appearance and natural beauty.  We can handle the repair of minor surface damage and major structural damage and we can restore the look of your furniture with a new finish, paint job, or wood stain.  Our furniture restoration and repair services can save you the cost and trouble of replacing furniture that has become damaged or worn out.

Our furniture restoration and repair services consist of the following:

  • Wooden furniture repair and restoration
  • Cabinet restoration and refacing
  • Wooden furniture repainting and refinishing
  • Wooden table and chair restoration and repair
  • Antique furniture restoration and repair

Our professionals at RestorationMaster are highly trained and equipped to handle any repair and restoration project for wood furniture, including furniture with upholstery.  We can remove surface blemishes like scratches and stains and repair damage to table legs, chair spindles, and more.  If your furniture is worn out, we can strip it and reapply the finish, stain, or paint to restore its original appearance.  We also give you the option of changing the look of your furniture with a new wood stain or pain color.

If you believe your wood furniture is too worn out or damaged to keep, talk to our furniture repair and restoration experts.  We can restore the appearance and functionality of your furniture with our professional furniture repair and restoration services.  We offer on-site furniture repairs and we can apply new finishes and paint to your furniture at our state-of-the-art facility.

Give RestorationMaster a call at (630) 412-1400 for furniture restoration and repair in Lake in the Hills, IL.

Wood Furniture Repair and Restoration – Lake in the Hills, IL

Wood furniture is found throughout many homes including wooden kitchen and dining room sets, rocking chairs, tables, and shelving.  Homeowners generally choose wood furniture because it is durable, and its natural beauty can add to the interior décor.  However, surface damage and wearing of the wood stain or finish can diminish the look of wood furniture.  RestorationMaster provides wood furniture repair and restoration services in Lake in the Hills, IL to restore all types of wood furniture.  Our technicians have the expertise to repair everything from surface damage like scratches and scuff marks to structural damage and we can apply a new wood stain, paint job, and finish.

Cabinet Repair and Restoration – Lake in the Hills, IL

The cabinets are one of the main features in kitchens, bathrooms, and offices because they provide storage space and contribute to the space’s aesthetics.  Over time, it is normal for them to become damaged with scratches or gouges or experience wearing of the paint or finish.  It can be quite expensive to replace cabinets but having the cabinets refaced or restored can improve their appearance at a lower cost.  RestorationMaster provides cabinet repair and restoration services in Lake in the Hills, IL.  We can repair and restore cabinet door and drawer fronts or reface them without the need for a full cabinet replacement.

Wood Furniture Refinishing and Repainting – Lake in the Hills, IL

It is common for the wood stain, paint, and finish on wooden furniture of all types to wear out with years of use.  When this happens, it can make the furniture appear old and dull.  If the furniture has not sustained any damage, the application of a new paint job, stain, or finish may be all that is needed to give it a fresh look.  RestorationMaster provides wood furniture repainting and refinishing services in Lake in the Hills, IL to restore the appearance of worn out wood furniture.  We use low-odor, water-based products that are applied at our state-of-the-art facility.

Wooden Chair and Table Restoration – Lake in the Hills, IL

Kitchen and dining room tables are often among the most important pieces of furniture in a home because it is where families gather for meals and to entertain guests.  Because these table and chair sets are used daily, they are vulnerable to damage as well as wearing of the finish or paint.  Replacing the entire kitchen or dining room set is expensive, but you can have it restored and repaired for less.  RestorationMaster provides restoration and repair services for wooden tables and chairs in Lake in the Hills, IL.  Our professionals can repair surface and structural damage to wooden tables and chairs and revitalize their appearance with a new finish, wood stain, or paint job.

Antique Furniture Restoration – Lake in the Hills, IL

Antique furniture pieces are often the most cherished furniture because of their unique beauty, worth, and sentimental value, especially if the piece is a family heirloom.  This makes it frustrating when an antique piece becomes damaged or worn out.  If antique furniture needs to be repaired or refinished, it is important for it to be treated properly to maintain its status as an antique.  At RestorationMaster, we provide expert antique furniture restoration and repair services in Lake in the Hills, IL.  Our professionals can provide repair and restoration for antiques using minimally invasive methods that will help preserve their antique status.