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Water Damage Restoration & Cleanup in Farmer’s Branch, TX 75217


(469) 809-4508

Water damage can be caused within a home or building by disasters such as heavy storms and floods as well as maintenance issues such as burst pipes or leaks from toilets, sinks, and other plumbing fixtures.  Structural materials in your home such as wood and drywall absorb water quickly which is why it is important to call for water damage restoration as soon as possible.

RestorationMaster provides water damage restoration and cleanup services for homes and businesses in Farmer’s Branch, TX and the surrounding areas.  We can help mitigate and restore the damage caused by excess water.

Water Extraction Emergencies in Farmer’s Branch, TX

The technicians of RestorationMaster understand the importance of responding quickly to water damage and we generally arrive on the scene within 2 to 3 hours of the initial call to begin working.  The structural elements and building materials in your home can be dried out completely if action is taken quickly enough and we use the most advanced equipment of the industry such as dehumidifiers, moisture meters, and air movers to remove excess water and restore the damage.

Our restoration methods follow the Advanced Structure Drying Guidelines and IICRC procedures and the entire water damage restoration process normally takes about 2 to 5 days.

RestorationMaster Water Damage Restoration Process in Farmer’s Branch, TX

  1. Inspection: We begin our water damage restoration and cleanup services in Farmer’s Branch, TX by inspecting the damage with moisture meters and thermal cameras.
  2. Document: Next, we document our findings in our cloud based software.  At any time throughout the process, any one of our team members can access the cloud to get the information on your loss.
  3. Water Extraction: We then remove the excess water or moisture using a combination of air movers and dehumidifiers. Our technicians can help you decide whether it is more cost effective to dry out or replace certain structural elements or furnishings in your home.

Water Damage Cleanup Tips for Farmer’s Branch, TX

Water Extraction in Farmer’s Branch, TX – What to Do

  • Call RestorationMaster immediately for water damage restoration and cleanup services in Farmer’s Branch, TX.
  • Make sure the source of the water damage is secured or removed.
  • Put away valuable items that you do not want seen or disturbed.
  • If the damage is spread through most of the home, turn off the power. Our technicians will deal with the power issue as part of the restoration process.

Flood Cleanup in Farmer’s Branch, TX – What NOT to Do

  • Do not discard the source of the water damage if possible, insurance companies may request the source to cover the loss.
  • Do not leave the water damage to dry on its own.

Contact Us 24/7 for Water Damage Restoration in Farmer’s Branch, TX

If you discover water damage in your home or business in Farmer’s Branch, TX, contact RestorationMaster immediately for water damage restoration and cleanup services. We work with numerous insurance companies in the area to help file claims for your losses.

Call our 24/7 hotline anytime at (469) 809-4508  for water damage restoration services in Farmer’s Branch, TX.