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Odor Removal in Arlington, TX


Bad odors can be caused by smoke, mold, pets, nicotine, or even biological waste. These odors typically linger in a property until they are removed professionally, as they are easily absorbed into various types of materials such as furnishings and building materials.

RestorationMaster offers deodorization services for homes and businesses in Arlington, TX, and nearby areas. Our highly skilled technicians have the right equipment and methods to get rid of bad odors.

odor-removal-arlington-tx-minThe odor removing processes we use are:

  • Hydroxyl
  • Nanocarbon technology
  • Ozone
  • Thermal fogging
  • Commercial-grade odor-removal cleaning products

We can remove the following odors from your home, car, or business:

  • Pet odors (includes cat urine)
  • Odors from fire and smoke
  • Odor caused by sewage
  • Odors caused by animals such as rodents, bats, and skunks
  • Odor caused by undetected death
  • Odor caused by oil or gas
  • Odor from paint, carpet & car smells
  • Odor from strong cooking and protein
  • Odor cause by cigarettes, cigars, marijuana, and incense

To make sure that our deodorizing service is thorough, we remove the odor at the source so that it does not come back in the future. Our process is as follows:

  • Deodorization of the structure and furniture
  • Cleaning of all areas and items
  • Deodorization of the air and materials
  • Application of various treatments as needed

When dealing with odors caused by natural disasters, we mostly encounter the following:

  • Odor from Water Damage: Water damage can cause a musty odor as well as mold growth which also has an odor. We can remove water and mold based odors.
  • Odor from Fire and Smoke Damage: Leftover odor from fire and smoke is dangerous to breathe in and should be professionally cleaned.
  • Odor from Biohazard Materials: Odor from biohazard materials can only be removed professionally. This includes odors from bodily fluids, dead animals, and oil spills.

Bad odors can easily get absorbed into various materials and furnishings and linger for a long time. At RestorationMaster, our professionals can remove odors from your home or business in Arlington, TX, and the surrounding areas.

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