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Tile Refinishing Services – Hilton Head, SC


Tiles are often used for flooring and walls in the kitchen and bathroom because of their resistance to moisture but over time the finish of the tiles can wear out which allows dirt, mold, and mildew to stick to the surfaces and the grout lines.  Because tiles are often used for floors and walls, grungy tile can have a drastic effect on the appearance of the room.  RestorationMaster provides tile refinishing services to Hilton Head, SC and the surrounding communities in eastern Georgia and southeast South Carolina to restore the original look of your tiles and keep them protected from excess moisture.  We can effectively refinish and protect your tile surfaces as well as repair cracked or broken tiles.

Tile Refinishing Process

The glaze on ceramic tiles is produced in a kiln that is fired between 1,000˚ and 2,500˚ F and the only way to actually re-glaze the tiles is to re-fire them in a kiln.  Tile refinishing is a much more practical option to restore the tiles without having to remove or replace them.  We start by cleaning the entire tile surface to remove dirt and soap scum and then repair any cracks or holes in the tile using specialized filler material.  The next step is to prep the surface before applying a topcoat of the new finish to the tile and grout lines.  This finish will revitalize the look of the tile and provide a moisture resistant barrier that will help prevent mold and mildew.

Tile Refinishing Services in Hilton Head, SC

The Cost of Tile Refinishing

Replacing tile surfaces can get quite expensive and re-glazing them is a hassle because they have to be removed and re-fired in a kiln.  Tile refinishing services will restore the look of the tile for as much as 50 percent less than the cost of replacing them and the finish which is heat resistant, scratch resistant, and moisture resistant will last for years.  Tiles that are used in a shower or bathtub, on countertops, on bathroom floors, and on vanities can be refinished but it is usually not recommended to refinish tile floors in entry ways because abrasive dirt can ruin the finish.

The tiles in your kitchen or bathroom have a big impact on the appearance of the room and if they are broken or worn out, they can be restored with tile refinishing services.  RestorationMaster provides tile refinishing services to restore the original look of your tiles and leave them protected against excess moisture.  Contact us to get a free estimate for tile refinishing in Hilton Head, SC as well as eastern Georgia and southeast South Carolina.