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Fire Damage Restoration in Tigard, OR 97223



It can be devastating to find your building materials and content covered in thick smoke and soot residue after a property fire. However, it is very important to have treatment as soon as possible because the damage will continue to spread, even becoming permanent over time. They will require unique products in order to remove the residue as it is also oily.

For all fire-related emergencies in the Tigard, OR area, call RestorationMaster for fire damage restoration services. Our technicians have been IICRC-certified, trained, and experienced to effectively remove smoke and soot residue from all damaged building materials and belongings.

Fire and Smoke Damage

While it is common to think that materials are burned to a crisp in a property fire, it is actually the byproducts created by the flames that cause the majority of the damage. Even after the fire is out, the smoke and soot are left to cover the remains of the home or building, compromising their structure. However, the effects can be reversed if they are cleaned right after the damage has occurred. The technicians at RestorationMaster use products and equipment that are guaranteed to restore materials and furnishings of all types to their original conditions.

Fire Damage Cleanup

Upon arrival, our specialists will first stabilize the building and repair the structural damage caused by the fire. Then with effective restoration services, we are able to repair numerous building materials and content caused by the flames, smoke, and soot. With powerful but safe cleaning products, we will remove all thick smoke residue from the surfaces and personal belongings.

We will also work with you and your insurance adjustor to sort the items that can be restored and those that should be replaced. We will then work with the adjustor through the claims process so you can focus on other issues while your property and content is being restored.

Finally, after repairing and restoring the home or building, it will be effectively cleaned and deodorized to remove any traces of the fire. With powerful products, RestorationMaster will ensure that any harmful bacteria and odors will be eliminated to restore a safe and healthy environment once again.

The following procedures are included in our fire restoration services:

  • 24/7 Availability: We are available at any time to be there for you when you need it most. We will also be able to answer and questions you may have about our services, providing clear and open communication every step of the way.
  • Help with Insurance: Coordinating with us and your insurance provider can become stressful. But we want to provide as much peace of mind as possible by communicating and coordinating with them ourselves to make it easier for you.
  • IICRC Compliance: Each of our technicians has been especially trained and certified by the IICRC to restore your property as quickly and effectively as possible. This includes applying the proper products and using advanced equipment and methods in the restoration process.

At RestorationMaster, it is our ultimate goal to provide you with some peace of mind by restoring your property as quickly and effectively as possible. We know that it is stressful to be out of a routine, which is why are available 24/7 and work from start to finish until you are satisfied by our progress.

For all fire-related emergencies in the Tigard, OR area, RestorationMaster is available at (503)376-6666 to provide fire damage cleanup services for both residential and commercial properties.