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1. About RestorationMaster TM Finder (RMF)? is a website, especially built for ServiceMaster Clean businesses and designed to generate leads to your business using natural (non-paid) listings on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

2. How will RMF help my business? generates qualified leads on local and national levels and sends them to your web pages and your location. SEO (natural or non-paid) rankings on ALL search engines are gained for a fraction of the cost of a full Internet marketing program or a monthly Pay-Per-Click Program.

3. How will get traffic and qualified visitors?
The major search engines have three main programs or types of listings: local, pay-per-click (PPC) and SEO (natural or organic).

Google SERP

The PPC is clearly identified as sponsored search. PPC is a bidding program and advertisers pay every time a visitor clicks on their link. You pay for every click from a real prospect or a competitor. Typically PPC listings get about 25% of the clicks on SERP (Search Engine Results Page – shown above). Main portion of the SERP is for the SEO listings (or natural listings). SEO listings typically get about 75% of the traffic and the site owner does not pay anything to Google. listings appear in the SEO area and traffic is mainly based on organic visitors.

Google SERP RMF Listings

4. We have our own website, built and optimized. Why join
Joining will improve your online presence. Look on the first page of Google as the best trade show space. The more booths (listings) you have on that space – the better exposure and clients you get. Now all business owners are looking for additional innovative ways to grow their business via the Internet.  The RMF program offers flexible solutions for every budget and proven results. is one of the very few online programs that provide your business with local and national Internet presence.

5. We don’t have a website. Can we join
Building and optimizing a website can be an expensive, long and mostly overwhelming project.  By joining your business will get online presence within 2 weeks and the site will be optimized for search engines and visitors, and lead generation.

6. What will my investment be?
see investment levels

7. Are there any benefits to join early?
Yes, the first subscriber from each state will have exclusive rights to reserve zip codes for local pages.  Once a set if zip codes is assigned to a provider it is no longer available.

8. What is the difference between Yodle and Can both programs work together?
Yes, both programs can work together. Yodle is based on pay-per-click model while ours is mainly based on natural (organic) listings.

9. Can I have my website customized?
Yes, into some degree.

10. My Services are different than some of the other providers. Will the program work for my business.
As soon as they are part of ServiceMaster Clean™ service offerings the program will work for you.

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