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    How To Protect Your Home From Pipe Bursts This Winter

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    4 Responses

    1. Our water pipes are in the addict and one of them burst 6 or 7 years ago. It did some really expensive damage to our ceiling. It’s ready for an arctic freeze now but that was a tough way to learn.

    2. Heather Jabusch says:

      Great info and just in time. Shared across my networks =)

    3. Knikkolette says:

      My father was a master plumber & electrician and those are some of the same tips I remember him telling people when I was growing up. He would always tell people to leave ALL faucets dripping (I suppose some homes had poor insulation back when I was growing up). I do remember we never had problems with pipes bursting when it got below freezing and I never have since.

    4. Thank goodness this isn’t something on my to-do list — I live in South Florida — but can understand how valuable these tips are for anyone who lives where it reaches freezing temperatures. And, yes, pipes do burst for other reasons … 😉