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Biohazard and Trauma Scene Cleanup in Pearland, TX 77584


Not many individuals think of the severe threat to the health of themselves or their loved ones caused by encountering a trauma scene. Because they are not prepared to find such a gruesome scene, they are often left without knowing how to react in this situation. On the other hand, it is essential to call law enforcement right away in order to obtain as much evidence as possible. Then a professional cleanup company must be called soon after to have the scene fully restored to its original condition.

Handling the Cleanup of Biohazards

Calling the authorities is the most important step you can take when reacting to the discovery of a biohazard-filled scene. But it is also imperative that you stay away from the harmful byproducts as they are filled with millions of harmful bacteria and bloodborne pathogens. It is best to call RestorationMaster provide emergency biohazard waste cleanup services, available in Pearland, TX, to safely remove these substances and disinfect the scene.

While you should never have to face the cleanup job yourself, our technicians are fully equipped and trained to properly handle disinfecting the scene. We use powerful products and equipment to effectively remove blood and tissue while sanitizing the affected surfaces to ensure that the environment is safe to re-enter. We will also work with law enforcement if it is a crime scene to avoid disturbing any evidence from the scene.

Our trauma scene cleaning services completely cover all of the following:

  • Disinfection: All blood, tissue, and harmful bacteria will be effectively removed from the scene with the use of professional products and equipment.
  • Odor removal: All foul smells will be eliminated.
  • Proper disposal: The biohazards are placed into approved waste containers and transported to a licensed medical waste facility for proper disposal
  • Inspection: Our RestorationMaster will conduct a final inspection to ensure that the area is safe to re-enter again.
  • Help with insurance: We will work with your insurance provider to allow you to focus on other personal matters.
  • Family support and assistance: As these situations can be emotionally and mentally difficult, our technicians work with respect and compassion when cleaning the scene. We can also refer professional family counselors, if needed.

Encountering a trauma scene filled with biohazards is not something we expect on a daily basis, but knowing how to react is essential towards restoring the scene. As soon as you have called 911 to have law enforcement investigate the scene, contact a professional cleanup company right away to have it restored to its original condition.

Emergency Response

RestorationMaster is available 24/7 at (281) 213-5553 to provide complete biohazard and trauma scene cleanup services in the Pearland, TX area.