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Emergency Board Up Services for Merced, CA


Any type of property damage from a disaster can be disruptive to your life or business.  However, this interruption is even worse if the damage is severe enough to compromise the structural integrity and safety of your home or building.  If a disaster has resulted in heavy damage that includes large openings in the walls or roof, it must be secured immediately to keep it standing and protected from other factors such as weather and vandalism.  RestorationMaster provides emergency board up services in Merced, CA to cover and stabilize heavily damaged homes and businesses.  Our board up services will reinforce your home or building to keep it standing and prevent further damage from outside factors.

There are several natural disasters that are common in California and known to cause such extensive damage to a home or building.  Major storms, floods, fires, accidents, and even wildfires can result in extreme damage to the exterior and structural core of the building.  Severe exterior damage often results in broken windows or doors, torn siding, and openings that can allow further damage from weather and vandalism.  Our technicians will cover any exposed openings and help strengthen the structural core of your home or building to keep it stabilized and protected from further damage.  The materials we use for our board up services are heavy duty and will protect your building temporarily as it is getting rebuilt.

The emergency board up services we provide include:

  • Coverage of all holes and openings
  • Temporary enclosure of the building
  • Barricades if needed
  • Tarping over damage roofs

Experiencing significant structural damage to your home or business is overwhelming but you must make sure to get the building secured as soon as possible.  We are trained and equipped to effectively board up severely damaged homes and buildings in Merced, CA so that they remain intact until they are rebuilt.  You can call us 24 hours a day at 888-915-8868 to respond with emergency board ups.