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Emergency Board Up Services for Melbourne, FL


Disasters have a bad habit of refusing to schedule appointments, so you’re never truly ready for them. They can strike day or night, leaving you scrambling to manage the aftermath. The aftereffects of fires, storms, flooding, or major accidents can leave your home or business structurally vulnerable to the elements, vandals, animals, or criminals. In worst-case scenarios, it might collapse without reinforcement. RestorationMaster has the tools and experience to provide emergency board-up services to businesses and homes in Melbourne, FL and surrounding areas. We’ll stabilize the building to protect the structural integrity until reconstruction can begin, and cover openings to protect the contents from further damage.

There’s no time to wait when there’s been serious damage to your home or business. The longer you wait, the more damage occurs from exposure to the elements or wild animals. Vandals and looters may see it as an irresistible opportunity. If the building isn’t stabilized in time and collapses, what was a reconstruction project becomes a more expensive cleanup and rebuilding project. Many people don’t have the tools or experience to board up the damage on their own, or don’t have a truck that can haul wood and other necessary materials. Even if they can do it, they may not want to do the job themselves because it’s 3 a.m.

The professionals at RestorationMaster are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide emergency board up services to residential and commercial customers in Melbourne, FL and surrounding areas. We’ll make sure your property is protected against the elements and unwanted intruders, and that it will stay standing until repairs can be made.

Our emergency board up services include:

  • Covering and securing all openings in the building;
  • Installing roof tarps;
  • Placing temporary enclosures or barriers, if necessary;
  • Stabilizing the building elements until repairs can be made.

There’s no time to waste immediately following a disaster. Any affected buildings must be secured and stabilized until repairs can be made to prevent further damage or collapse. RestorationMaster provides a full range of board up and stabilization services to clients in Melbourne, FL and surrounding areas. Call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency board up services.