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Trauma Scene Cleaning Services for Mandarin, FL

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Accidents and violent crimes occur across the United States every day. Although they’re common occurrences, most people don’t experience either. When people do experience these events, it can be very traumatizing. Crime and accident scenes typically contain biohazard materials, making the scene a dangerous place for anyone without the necessary training to encounter. In such situations, the first thing you need to do is call law enforcement and EMTs. After that, contact a professional service to have the scene cleaned up. At RestorationMaster, we provide trauma scene cleaning services to Mandarin, FL to cleanup accident and crime scenes containing biohazard materials in a safe manner. In addition, our well-trained, highly-certified technicians also restore the scene back to a safe environment.

With the presence of biohazard materials, accident or violent crime scenes are very dangerous. Such materials ― like blood and other bodily fluids ― contain viruses, bacteria, and other toxins. Without the necessary training, you could easily spread infections and disease when handling biohazard materials. Having undergone proper training to receive certification, our technicians can remove biohazard materials in a safe manner while minimizing the potential for spreading disease. Using effective cleaners and disinfectants, we clean and sanitize the area after removing the biohazard materials. Additionally, our technicians use the best personal protective equipment (PPE) to keep themselves safe while conducting work.

These basic steps are provided as part of our trauma scene cleaning services:

  • Biohazard material removal
  • Scene cleaning and sanitization
  • Biohazard material transportation to a licensed medical waste facility
  • Health regulation compliance at the local, state, and federal level

In situations like this, we know that it can be difficult if it involved a family member or friend. Knowing this, we conduct our work with compassion and respect for your privacy. Our technicians arrive at the scene of the violent crime or accident in an unmarked vehicle and we perform our services in an efficient manner to finish our work as soon as possible. If it is the scene of a violent crime, we work with law enforcement officials during the investigation.

Violent crimes and accidents can be traumatic, but it is important that you make the necessary calls. You’re responsible for scene cleanup, but you don’t ― and shouldn’t ― do it yourself. Call RestorationMaster at (904) 559-3223, where we can be reached 24/7, for our trauma scene cleaning services in Mandarin, FL. We employ technicians who are trained and qualified to remove biohazard materials safely and restore the scene to a safe and sanitary environment.