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Furniture and Cabinet Painting in Plano, TX


Wood furniture is common in many households and business properties because of its durability and aesthetics. But it is also versatile in appearance as the wood stain, paint job, and even type of wood can contribute to the overall look and condition of the furniture. Over time, the stain or paint job on the furniture will wear away or become dull in appearance, making it look outdated.

RestorationMaster provides complete furniture and cabinet painting and refinishing services in homes and offices in the Plano, TX area. Our experienced technicians are able to match any color or shade of finish to restore it to its original appearance or even give it a whole new look. This service can also be conducted on-site, if needed, to avoid the hassle of transporting it to our warehouse.

Color Matching Furniture and Cabinets

Wood furniture adds a sense of luxury within the home. Even if it’s well maintained and not in the presence of children or pets, the paint job and/or finish can wear down over time. If it’s sitting in the sunlight or is used frequently, the deterioration process will happen much quicker. But something as simple as a fresh new coat of paint or finish can restore a like-new condition.

If you find that your wood furniture is starting to look worn out, you may not have to replace it. If you’re looking to give it a new look, we have a wide variety of colors and finishes from which to choose. Simply doing this instead of replacing them can also save a ton of money.

RestorationMaster uses low-odor, water-based products to keep any disruption to daily and business activities to a minimum.

You can expect the following from our furniture and cabinet painting services:

  • Furniture Painting and Refinishing: RestorationMaster will begin by sanding the current paint job or stain and then restore any surface or structural damage as needed. A new coat of paint and primer will then be applied.
  • Expert Color Matching: Our technicians will be able to match the original color of the furniture to restore its original appearance.

Faded wooden furniture can take a lot from the aesthetics of the room or office. A new coat of paint or finish can turn this problem around, and it is also more cost-efficient than replacing the furniture. RestorationMaster is happy to provide cabinet and furniture repainting services to restore the original look of your wood furniture or cabinets. This service can also be provided on-site for heavy furniture.

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