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Furniture and Cabinet Painting in Fort Worth, TX

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Wooden furniture adds an element of beauty to homes and commercial spaces, especially with a nice paint job or impressive finish.  One of the unique qualities of wood furniture is that it can be stained to have a nice natural appearance or painted to better suit the interior décor.  Over time the finish or paint on wood furniture will wear away, diminishing the look of the furniture.  If you have wood furniture that has a worn out finish or paint job, it can be restored back to its original condition with fresh paint or a new finish.

At RestorationMaster , we provide furniture and cabinet repainting and refinishing services to restore the look of the wood furniture in your home or office in Fort Worth, TX.  We can restore the original appearance of the furniture with our color matching services or change its look with a new paint color or stain.  We offer a variety of wood stains and paint colors to choose from for your furniture.

Furniture and Cabinet Color Matching

Wood furniture is an excellent feature of homes and offices when it is kept in excellent condition.  However, wearing of the paint and finish over time is inevitable.  Repeated use and sunlight are the most common causes of fading.  When this occurs, the furniture will begin to look old and worn out, affecting the appearance of the space as well as the furniture.  The good news is that you can revitalize the look of worn out wood furniture with a new paint job or wood stain.

If you want to have your wood furniture refinished, you can opt for a new look.  You may want to change the stain or paint color to match the updated décor or to breathe new life into an older piece of furniture.  Whether you want to restore the original appearance or change the look of your furniture, we can find the exact color or stain you want.

Our water-based wood finishes and paints are odor free and eco-friendly.  Our furniture painting and refinishing services consist of the following:

  • Furniture painting and refinishing: We will thoroughly sand the piece to remove all remaining finish or paint and repair scratches, stains, and other surface damage. The we will apply the wood stain or a layer of primer before painting the furniture.
  • Expert color matching: We provide color matching to match the new paint or wood stain to the original.

Your worn our wood furniture can be transformed into a new piece of furniture with a new paint job or wood stain.  Contact our technicians at RestorationMaster to restore your wood furniture in Fort Worth, TX with our professional furniture and cabinet painting and refinishing services.  You can reach us at (888) 908-0819 to learn more.